Step 2: Broken (Ruined) Orgasms

Our sexual pattern has two steps: The first is edging. I’m edged almost every night. The second step is full orgasm. I get one of these on average, every six days. Thee may be another step that would really delay full orgasm, but still  let me ejaculate on schedule.

It’s been a long time since I thought about “ruined” orgasms. I don’t think that is a fair name for this particular activity. A ruined orgasm is achieved by stimulating the penis until ejaculation is inevitable and then stopping the stimulation.

This is widely regarded as a cruel trick to play on the hapless male. I disagree. It’s actually an interesting take on ejaculation. From a purely physical perspective, this broken orgasm — a much better term in my book — usually doesn’t fully drain the male’s supply of semen. If he has semen left, he is capable of another orgasm, sometimes more than one more if the succeeding orgasms are also broken.

This can be a lot of fun. The broken orgasm doesn’t feel as good as a full one. The continuing stimulation of a full orgasm allows wave after wave of muscle constriction that empties his semen supply. The orgasmic sensations continue until he is done. I prefer the full orgasm if I have a choice. However, I have to admit that I like the broken ones too.

While thinking about this, I realized that a potentially fun variant on orgasm control might be using broken orgasms as part of the process. In my case, Mrs. Lion gives me an orgasm on average about once a week. Often I get one after only four or five days of waiting.

We’ve had this pattern for years. We both like it when I come. Many other guys have to wait much longer. Usually, they’ve asked their partners to push them by making them wait weeks, or sometimes months between orgasms. I never had any particular fascination with this sort of wait. For an experiment Mrs. Lion made me wait 28 days last year. It wasn’t all that horrible for me. I also didn’t particularly like it or feel proud I made it.

Currently, I get edged, brought to the edge of orgasm, over and over, then left hanging almost every night I don’t get to come. Last night I was edged with the Magic Wand. Mrs. Lion and I like this form of play. When she does let me come, there is generally a two day wait before I really want sex again. Yes, I can be edged the next day, but I’m not all that enthusiastic. That’s what got me thinking about a third level of activity,

What if instead of a full orgasm, I get a broken one on the days when Mrs. Lion would have made me come. I could even get two on those days. And, every so often, at much longer intervals I am surprised with a full one. This would certainly add more suspense to our sexual play. It would also add a lot more value to full orgasms since I would get so few of them.

I think this would work for us. We don’t particularly like long waits between ejaculations. So, my frequency could remain the same as it is now. But full orgasms could be reserved for special times. I could end up getting one only a few times a year.

This idea appeals to me. I think it offers a new dimension of sexual teasing to our relationship. Up until now, Mrs. Lion almost never plans a broken orgasm for me. She knows I’m not fond of them. For the record, I’m not fond of them the same way I’m not fond of edging. I like to come. If I can’t come, edging is exciting and keeps me interested in getting off.

Broken orgasms would be an escalation of edging. I still hope for a full orgasm, but a broken one, like edging, is better than none. I don’t know how Mrs. Lion will feel about this idea. Maybe she’ll want to try it. I think it could be fun for both of us. Mrs. Lion agreed to think about it. I hope she decides to try.


  1. Again Lion, it’s always about You. In other words, how can Lion find more things, ways and work for Mrs Lion to do for Your insessent sexual desires! There’s never enough for poor Lion. Let’s see how Lion can get ever more sexual attention from Mrs Lion.

    1. Author

      This is a sex blog. It is about sex for me as well as withholding sex for me. Sorry if you misunderstood what we write about.

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