Oh, it’s Monday alright. Neither of us feels well. I’m heading home after a conference call assuming that conference call isn’t cancelled like the first one of the morning. Lion said he’s heading home early too. We’ll curl up together and try to feel better.

We watched our football team finally manage their first win of the season yesterday. I thought we’d get creamed but this time it was the other team that fell apart. Since we recorded the game, we watched it in the evening and we didn’t play. I’m not sure if Lion would have felt up to it anyway. His allergies have still been killing him. It doesn’t help that I’ve been cleaning and stirring up dust.

I’m not sure what will happen tonight if we both feel yucky now. We’ll have to play it by ear. Somehow feeling yucky together is better than only one of us feeling yucky. Misery loves company, I guess. Not that either of us wants the other to feel yucky. We just like to be together.

So we’ll see how things go tonight. There’s no pressure to play. If it’s not tonight, it’ll happen tomorrow night or the next night. No rush. The important thing is to feel better.