Just Punishment

Late Tuesday night Mrs. Lion got around to punishing me for spilling food on my shirt the day before. She found her wooden spoon (very heavy commercial spoon) and told me to roll over. She asked me to tell her why I was being punished. I told her. Then she began spanking me.

The wooden spoon was applied in quick strokes. It wasn’t very painful at first. After a little while, Mrs. Lion asked me if I was warmed up. I said that I was. The quick strokes continued with more force. It was starting to hurt. The swats continued, getting harder and harder. I began kicking my feet and yelping. At one point I tried to roll away. Mrs. Lion told me to get back. After I did, she resumed harder than before.

Eventually, she stopped and told me that I had enough. She put the spoon away and lay down on her side of the bed,. I rolled over. There were several painful spots. I think they were bruises. Mrs. Lion didn’t say another word. She went back to her iPad and resumed the game she was playing before she punished me.

This is her standard pattern. Sometimes, she has me stand in the corner for a while. But that’s it. There is no ritual attached to my punishment. I think this is significant. Unlike BDSM, that generally includes some role playing and sexy discussion, my punishments are impersonally administered. I earned it and I have to pay. When done, life continues. If it hurts a lot, so what? That’s the point. Mrs. Lion doesn’t discuss this with me. It’s my problem. If I don’t want the pain, I shouldn’t break the rules. She doesn’t bother to say that to me. She knows I understand.

The fact that punishment is just another routine part of our lives demonstrates how well integrated it is into our relationship. Punishment is inevitable when I break a rule. Mrs. Lion doesn’t need to follow any rituals. Her job is to observe the infraction and punish me. It’s  no different than any other chore she performs.

This straightforward, impersonal punishment has a profound impact on me. The fact that punishment is routine contributes to it feeling inevitable. Break a rule, get spanked. That’s it; no drama, no ritualistic scolding, just painful spanking and what may follow. There is no negotiation or discussion; just present my bare bottom and get spanked.

This sucks any possibility of sexual arousal out of the experience. It graphically underlines our respective roles. Rituals are a symbolic form of giving permission to be punished. The spankee has to voluntarily do something prior to or after being punished. While that sort of stuff is exciting, it also makes the person being punished a participant in the process. In our case, I am required to present my bottom. That’s it. If I resist, I will get a worse beating.

This is very similar to how disciplinary spankings are traditionally performed. There is nothing more than exposing the area to be beaten immediately followed by the punishment. The purpose is to help me associate breaking that rule with a painful experience. Nothing more.

It works. When I think of breaking a rule, I remember the painful spanking. There are no erections, no explicit humiliation, just the pain that is inevitable if I do something wrong.. I can’t really eroticize the punishment. I just have to endure it. Spill food on my shirt, get beaten. It’s as simple as that; just part of my day-to-day life.