Eventful Night

I think I bruised Lion’s buns a little last night. Coming on the heals of the football swats, his punishment swats added insult to injury. Or, depending on how you look at it, injury to insult. I wasn’t looking to bruise him. I just wanted to make sure I got my point across. Spilling food, no matter how little, needs to be taken seriously. I can’t have a messy Lion. How would that reflect on me? (Nevermind that I spill on myself and look like a slob sometimes.)

I thought maybe I’d take the night off from playing with him. He’s been in the mood but not so easy to edge lately. Monday night’s oral ministrations took a bit out of me. When Lion suggested snuggling I figured it would truly be snuggling. However, as I rubbed the lion tummy, he started purring as I got closer to the area of interest. I decided to see what I could do to get him excited.

Of course, I knew I could get him excited. The question really was if I could get him to the edge. In fact, I’d been trying to give him an orgasm since Sunday night. He could only get so far and then he’d lose it. I knew he wasn’t broken. I was contemplating getting the Magic Wand but I didn’t really want to stop in the middle. We soldiered on and finally Lion had his orgasm.

He said it wasn’t really the most pleasant orgasm. I apologized. I thought maybe I should have done more to get him excited. Maybe tying his balls or using the Magic Wand would have been better. He didn’t think it would have helped. It might just have been one of those fluke things where the orgasm needed to be muscled out. Once that blockade was broken, more orgasms will be easier. I hope so.

Despite it being the night after an orgasm and there’s little chance he’ll be in any mood to play, I had Lion choose from the Box O’Fun. He selected plastic clothespins. We don’t have to use them tonight. They’re not going anywhere. They’ll be waiting for him when Lion decides he’s ready for fun.

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