Just The Two Of Us

Our weekend guest has departed. My clothes are off and we are back to our “normal” life. On the way back from the airport, Mrs. Lion and I discussed her current lack of interest in play. She said that it’s temporary and it’s happened before. I said that I understand and we don’t have to play. She rolled her eyes. Are we temporarily vanilla? Will sex always result in orgasms? Can I wear clothes at home? I’m not sure I want to test the waters

Our guest doesn’t share our manners. As soon as food was put in front of her, she began porking it down. She held her fork in her right hand and her knife in her left. They never touched the table until she was done. At one point she explained she had “European manners”. I’ve been to Europe a lot. I never saw anyone eat that way. I have seen those manners in a West Virginia truck stop.

Naturally, I waited for Mrs. Lion to begin eating before starting. At the table it was the Beverly Hillbillies. A couple of times, while I was waiting for her to begin, Mrs. Lion told me I could eat. Our guest didn’t notice. Even though she is remarkably insensitive, it does suggest that there is no reason to change our FLRD manners in the presence of muggles.

As it turned out, Mrs. Lion was really tired last night. We snuggled without any attempt at sexual contact. I was fine with it. I have to admit I was worn out too. Having company is a bit of a strain I guess. We are used to our solitary existence. We also like it.


  1. As my wife and I age (we’re 60 +/- a few months), we seem to have less need for outside company – we’re just happy being ourselves. We did go to a kink party a few nights ago, at which most of the people are friends, and we had a good time (I tied her up, and whacked her butt for a while with a paddle), but it was also very nice to get home and tumble into bed. And she unlocked me the next morning, for the first time in three weeks!

    Of course, today I’m locked back up again, and she’s out of town at least until the end of the week. I’ll be very happy to see her when she returns…

    We’ll continue to make an effort to be sociable, I guess, but it often does seem like an effort rather than being a treat to look forward to.

    1. Author

      We’ve never been particularly social. We prefer each other’s company. Last night, before we went to sleep. Mrs. Lion asked me if I would be lonely if alone. I said I would. She said she thought so. She went on to say she wouldn’t be. I asked her if that meant if I weren’t there (dead or otherwise) she wouldn’t miss me. Her answer was indefinite. I think she would miss me but she wuuldn’t be lonely. I think that’s right. Now that she isn’t interested in sex, there is little reason to include anyone else in her life, except me of course.

    1. Author

      We alternated between chuckling and being offended.

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