Lion snoozed a bit while we watched TV. After he was done snoozing, we started watching a show I like that he doesn’t. He asked if we could snuggle. Of course. When I moved over he asked if there was something wrong. Was I tired? I was but not too bad. He wondered because I wasn’t touching my weenie. I was watching my show, but OK.

Once I touched my weenie, of course, he sprang to life. Lion asked if I wanted him to pause the show. Nope. I was watching it. Then I wondered out loud how frustrating it would be if I didn’t actually get him to the edge but just kept playing with him for a long time. He didn’t know. Oh well. I decided we didn’t need to find out.

Instead, I edged him mercilessly. Every time he got near and seemed positive he was getting an orgasm, I stopped. Again and again. And then I finally went far enough for him. He said it was a week between orgasms. I told him that wasn’t a very long wait. He disagrees.

Later on he said I really didn’t have to play with him. He was fine snuggling. Then why did he ask? Sometimes (ok, it’s frequently) I don’t understand Lion. If snuggling was fine then not playing with my weenie wasn’t an issue. I know we can pause a TV show. I figured we’d wait another day for festivities. I know I could have put my foot down. Maybe it was a test and I failed miserably. Maybe Lion was looking for me to say I was watching my damn show and he’ll just have to chill out for another night.

It really didn’t bother me on the scale of recent annoyances. It’s more of a head-scratcher than anything. Things that make you go, “huh?”