Third Waxing Session

pubic hair regrowth
After five weeks very little hair has returned. Of course, I have removed hair here for a long time. Still, this is excellent.
(Click image to view NSFW full pubic area)

This afternoon will be our third hair removal session with wax. It’s been five weeks since our last session. In general, the hair that has returned is lighter and thinner. There is a lot less of it too. If you click on the image (right), you can see that not too much as come back. Mrs. Lion will need to use a bright light to make sure she gets it all.

I’m very happy with this result. Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of hair removal methods. Initially, I used an epilator. This is painful but effective in producing stubble-free skin. It’s a lot of trouble and invariably my scrotum skin got caught and bled.

The most effective was laser hair removal. I got monthly treatments over nine months. It was expensive and painful. The pubic hair above my penis was almost completely eradicated. The hair directly over my cock as well as the hair on the shaft, stubbornly returned.

We also bought and used an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device. This is the home version of the laser. Over months, it did permanently remove some hair. It was also painful, especially on my balls and perineum. Most recently I shaved using a Venus razor.

I did some research into waxing. It looked like a good solution. It isn’t permanent, but it does a good job of clearing out hair. Professional waxing is expensive and difficult to get if you are male.  Pubic hair waxing for women is the most popular service offered. Few salons will do this for men. You can read about how we worked around this problem here.

The last two sessions, Mrs. Lion cleared all the hair off my body from toes to face, excluding my arms.  It’s a good look, I think. It takes over an hour to fully de-fur me. It may go faster today since much less hair has returned.

After all of my efforts to stay clean, waxing has proven to be the best for me. If you want to get rid of unwanted hair, you might want to try it too.


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