Sexual Smile

bulge under jeans
That telltale bulge can be as threatening as a gun pointed at it’s target. It’s just a penis.

The indisputable talisman of the male gender is the erect penis. To those of us who produce erections, it can be the symbol of impending joy or hopeless frustration. It can be a favorite toy that others love to enjoy. It can also be an object as threatening as a gun. It always means something.

If I look at a full-length picture of myself, taken when my penis is erect, it appears to be a puny appendage poking away from my midsection at 45 degrees. The organ itself isn’t impressive at all. But some people attribute to it the power of a nuclear weapon.

Many women consider the erection a powerful sign of intention; welcome or unwelcome depending on the owner’s relationship with the individual woman. The hint of an erection under clothing can be enough to cause the man to be shunned. Many people of both sexes consider that telltale bulge as proof positive that the male wants sex with the person he is looking at.

Lion's erection If you have one, it looms very large. Though it may measure only six inches, it feels like a throbbing tower of sexual need. I like how mine looks.
Click to enlarge (Would that I could do that in real life)

There appears to be a consensus that erections are voluntary. When I get one, it’s because I want it. Wish for it and my limp penis turns rock hard.


Mine doesn’t work that way. It seems to have a mind of its own. It gets hard when it wants to. At times I really want that erection, but it stubbornly won’t come out.

People who work around naked penises, like massage therapists or estheticians, encounter uninvited erections. I asked a electrolysis operator how she feels about a penis popping up. I was concerned because at the time, she was zapping hairs on my balls. Her response was matter of fact, “I don’t care. I know it’s not meant for me.” Great attitude.

In a more intimate setting, an erection can be a little frightening. Many believe it is the signal that sex is expected. I think more correctly, sex is wanted, not so much expected. It can be politely ignored if there is no interest in letting it play.

My penis can be the focus of my world. An erection can feel glorious. It’s beautiful; at least to me. I suspect that male arousal is more focused than female. I want that erection to be stimulated until I ejaculate. Of course, I’ll settle for less, a lot less. Touching my engorged penis is a form of petting that can make me tremble.

I don’t expect to ejaculate every time I get hard. That would be way too much sex. I do like it to be appreciated. I think a lot of guys believe that a picture of their dicks makes an excellent sexual calling card. Unless welcome, that is offensive to most women.

The plumbing is the most obvious difference between the sexes. I’m pretty sure that women don’t think of their vaginas the way we males think about our penises. I suppose a good way to think about an erection is that it is a sexual smile. It’s letting the viewer know that its possessor is in a friendly mood and would probably welcome attention.

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