Your Penis Might Shrink. Don’t Blame Your Chastity Device

It’s a medical fact that our penises get shorter over time. A normal male will lose between one half and 1 inch during his lifetime. It’s possible to lose much more. Some guys claim that wearing a chastity device will cost them substantial loss of penis length. That’s not really true. However, improperly using a chastity device can contribute to this issue.

As we age, our erectile tissue loses some elasticity. This can be made worse by such things as alcohol consumption, smoking, prostate surgery, and obesity. Function remains good and most guys never even notice the change. Wearing a chastity device can aggravate this problem.

Almost all of us are familiar with “morning wood”. These are erections that occur either in the middle of the night or around the time we wake up in the morning. They aren’t usually sexually based. In fact, these erections are a way our bodies assure that the erectile tissue in the penis remains flexible and ready for use. Regular erections are required to preserve this tissue. Significant shortening has been observed in men who have become physically impotent and then later regain their ability to get hard.

There have been no studies about chastity device wearing and penis shortening, but we can infer some useful information based on uncaged penis research:

First, no observations of sexual issues have been recorded relating to how the flaccid penis resides. That means that whether the flaccid penis remains exposed to the air, think nudists, or in tightie-whities, there have been no observed changes in erect size. That means a properly fitted 1 inch chastity cage poses no physical threat to the penis.

Second, if the chastity device isn’t regularly removed and the penis stimulated to become erect, there is a very good chance it will lose size. This phenomenon has been consistently observed in study after study. Note that it has nothing to do with wearing a chastity device. It is completely due to suppression of erections.

Since we started enforced chastity, Mrs. Lion has made a point of unlocking me and teasing me at least three times a week. Typically, I’m unlocked every night for some vigorous exercise. Since her teasing generally takes me to the edge of orgasm, my penis is brought to full erection and the erectile tissue given enough of a workout to assure it remains flexible.

Strictly speaking, this much activity isn’t required to maintain penis size. Actually, there is no data about just how many erections a man needs to have or how often he needs to have them to support healthy erections. If the penis is caged in a chastity device that prevents full erections (I certainly hope the cage is small enough to prevent that), then regular unlocking for exercise makes good sense to promote penis health.

For the record, the only damage failing to allow regular erections will cause is usually loss of penis length. If that occurs, it can often be reversed quite easily. Several months of regular penis exercise will generally restore full length. A penis vacuum pump will also help., and, good old Viagra or Cialis hastens recovery.

Come to think of it, that sounds like fun therapy. Most of the research about this problem has been with men who have had prostate surgery. Frequently, they will become physically impotent for some time after the surgery. After six months most recover the ability to get hard and with effort, restore their former size.

It’s unlikely they’ll ever be any medical research about the effects of wearing chastity devices. I think that since our male chastity devices are designed to prevent erection without hindering blood circulation to the penis, the only potential concern is loss of the length of erections.

Most of us understand that continuous lockup doesn’t make a great deal of sense. The device should be removed regularly, under supervision, for cleaning and inspection to be sure that there are no abrasions or bruises. While the device is off, the penis can have some maintenance too. Getting it hard and then allowing it to get soft several times will provide the kind of exercise required to keep the erectile tissue flexible.

I guess that since Mrs. Lion provides me with this exercise many days a week, I never gave too much thought to what would happen if I just remained locked up for weeks on end. If, for example, she punished me by making me stay in the cage without release for two or three weeks, it’s very unlikely I would suffer any damage. If she did it for two or three months I would almost certainly lose length and need to restore it.

I’m aware that some guys, particularly solo players, do attempt long, uninterrupted lockups. Based on the medical evidence, they should reconsider this idea. Perhaps twice-weekly unlocking with some edging makes sense as a way to maintain a healthy cock.

Some of our readers did point out that a penis could atrophy if left in a cage. I was a little too quick to dismiss that idea. To be completely clear, a penis will not atrophy no matter how long you lock it up. However, it will most certainly lose some length as a result of its confinement. There is absolutely no evidence that a short cage poses any special risk. Frequent unlocking without orgasm but with erection is a sensible health move for caged males. It’s also fun. Right ladies?


  1. Excellent info, Lion. There is so much misinformation on this topic – a mix of bad science conjecture and fantasy.

    Irony of ironies – I’ve gotten in much better shape since being in chastity (low correlation), and have gained at least 1.5 inches in visible length. The irony is I rarely get to see it, so the changes are more noticeable. The last time I was uncaged, we both were surprised by the “growth” yet I haven’t seen it since. This is generally being out an hour or two, every two or three weeks. We joked about marketing chastity cages as an enhancement device.

  2. Great article. I got a Cherry Keeper about four months ago based on your review and I like it. My Wife usually keeps me locked for 1-3 months at a time since got married in 2002. I was 4 3/4” long before we got married and have never been longer. When I measure now I’m 4 1/4” so that’s consistent with your data.
    My Wife does not always unlock me for a release. If it’s been two months or more I will usually come while orally pleasing her because she always squeezes and pulls my balls. She laughs that she can make me come this easily and reminds me that since I can’t last long enough there is no reason for her to unlock me until next time. Sometimes this may happen for two or three of my releases in a row so I might remain locked for as long as six months.

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      I’m glad our review was helpful.

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