My proposal to use orgasms as rewards has stirred up some controversy in the orthodox enforced chastity community. The main objection is that the idea of enforced male chastity is that the caged male is supposed to be forced to wait a long time between orgasms. Really? Why?

As I see it, the point of male chastity is sexual control. The chastity device locked on my penis prevents me from enjoying sex without being unlocked by my keyholder, Mrs. Lion. Put succinctly, I can not masturbate or enjoy any sexual release she doesn’t provide. Period. Nada. Nothing. Not even a stiffy.

OK, that’s something I find exciting. What does it do for Mrs. Lion? The mythology is that the hornier I get, the more I will work to please her. That’s simply not true in real life. All that happens when I have to wait is that I want sex; badly. In other words, enforced chastity is a sexual game that is exciting for me. Mrs. Lion is my keyholder because she loves me and wants to make me happy.

If we take a broader view of male chastity, it turns out there is a way to make it work for my lioness. Let me tell you about a TV show:

”Becker” was a sitcom about a grumpy doctor and his life in New York City. In one episode, a teenage boy comes in with a problem. He tells Dr. Becker that he keeps getting erections at odd moments. I identified with the kid. That happened to me when I was a teen. Becker tells the kid it is normal. The boy objects. He says that the other day he was vacuuming for his mother and she saw his erection inside his pants. “Now,” he complained, “she thinks I like housework.”

That line is the key to my idea of sexual rewards. What would happen if Mrs. Lion gave me an orgasm after I did a chore, let’s say the laundry. Like punishments the reward would come right after I finish. Let’s imagine that this happens every single time I do it. How long would it take for me to get turned on when I wash clothes?

This is a perfect case of conditioning. Pavlov’s dogs learned that when a bell rings they get fed. So, every time they heard a bell, they salivated. Textbook positive conditioning. Would I associate sexual satisfaction with a household task? Possibly.

It seems too simple. Am I really that easy to program? In the Lions’ laboratory, Mrs. Lion has full control of my sexual pleasure. She can give me orgasms as often or as seldom as she wishes. It’s a perfect experimental situation. If she gives me an orgasm as a reward for behavior she wants me to learn and does it consistently and as soon after the behavior as possible, we can find out. She also can’t give me one for any other reason.

I could end up getting more orgasms than I want. If doing a chore is a rule, then if I perform it successfully I get an orgasm. If I don’t, I get spanked. I know that I will do the chore because I would much rather ejaculate than suffer a punishment.

If I’m right, and I want to avoid punishment, I will ejaculate whenever I do waht I’m told. The punishment is needed because if I don’t want to come, it would be easy to just avoid my assignment. Adding the punishment makes me do the job no matter how interested in sex I am. If I’m right, after a while I will be aroused at the prospect of doing the task. I will associate it with orgasm.

This doesn’t feel to me like the “fun” game of waiting for orgasms. It’s turning the game on its head. It’s now a conditioning tool for me. It’s dialing up Mrs. Lion’s control and turning sex into another tool she uses in her role as disciplining wife. It’s truly enforced chastity in the strongest sense.

Mrs. Lion is not convinced that she wants to try this. I’m hoping she will. While it will be difficult for me, the additional control I will feel should be very exciting. I want to try being Pavlov’s lion.

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