Good Boy Orgasms

We have arrived. It didn’t take long to get things set up. We’re seasoned pros at this by now. We have a few issues that require attention but nothing too difficult. In a little while (I’m writing this at about 4 pm Pacific time) we’ll head out to dinner and upload this post. The wifi at the campground isn’t cooperating so far.

We are maybe a quarter of a mile from the ocean. We just need to walk through the beach grass, up over a dune and voila! It won’t be very warm while we’re here but we’ll make the most of it. The main thing is that we’re not at work and we can explore.

Lion did a lot of work to get things ready for our trip. He took a lot of food out. He stripped the bed and washed all the sheets and towels. He took our clothes out. He kept saying, “See? I can be a good boy.” He’s hoping to earn himself an orgasm. I appreciate all his hard work. I’m just not sure how this be-a-good-boy-get-an-orgasm thing is going to work. Or if it will work at all.

If he gets me a drink, do I give him an orgasm? If he holds the door open for me, do I give him an orgasm? That seems excessive. On the other hand, how many things does he have to do to equal an orgasm? Three drinks, one door holding and making dinner? Seven “I love you”s, letting me watch my favorite show without condescending remarks, and an hour of holding hands? You can see how this would get complicated. I know Lion is thinking it’s not complicated at all. Each attaboy moment should be an orgasm. Wishful thinking!

And what if he’s been such a good boy but before I can give him his orgasm he blows it by misbehaving? Does that one misdeed undo all previous good deeds? I don’t know. It seems pretty complicated to me. I have enough trouble remembering to punish him when he gets himself in trouble. I’ll have to think about this some more.


  1. Seems to me that if you do this, it works as you decide. After all, you make the decisions regarding Lion’s orgasms and play.

    1. Author

      If we do this it will work exactly how Lion suggests and we’ll adjust as needed. I’m still not convinced but we’ll try it and see how it goes.

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