Waxing is Taxing

It took a lot of wax to remove all leg, ;pubic, butt, and torso hair. Do I detect a drop of precum on his weenie? Click image to enlarge.

I hope waxing goes better the next time around. It was very effective but I ran through a lot of wax because of my technique. And I was still hurting afterwards. As I was nearing the end of the areas I wanted to wax, I was thinking how much quicker it might have gone with the epilator. But then maybe not since the hair on his legs was long and the epilator might not have been able to handle it.

When I was done I had to sit for a while. Lion looked at my handiwork and wondered why I hadn’t done his chest. I’ve never done his chest. I told him while I was doing his tummy that I’d gotten as far as I wanted to get. He said he’d like me to do his chest. But it was up to me, of course. But he’d like me to do it. But it was up to me. I mentally shook my head.

While I was waxing him I suggested waxing different areas on different days. I was thinking about my sore back and legs at the time. He said it would look silly. Who’s looking? He’s lucky he’s not walking around with a leg and a half done right now. Sometimes I think he doesn’t realize what he’s asking for from me. Let me just drop everything and work on that.

The plus side, and I hope this is true, is that it will take time for the hair to grow back in and it may even grow at different rates in different areas. So maybe he will need his legs done at a different time from his chest, etc. In the meantime, I’ll get some more practice with my waxing technique by de-furring the rest of his back and chest.