Very Bare Sunday

Waxed body
Here I am after the full Brazillian last week and the torso and leg waxing on Sunday. I have no hair from my feet to my nipples. Click to enlarge.

It’s noon on Sunday. I’m naked, of course. That’s my required state at home. Since Mrs. Lion and I live alone, her rule that I be naked at home has very few exceptions. Today, since we have no plans for going out, I won’t be wearing any clothes until I get ready to go to work on Monday.

No clothes isn’t the only meaning of nudity for me. Mrs. Lion will be waxing me this afternoon. A week ago, she gave me a Brazillian (remove all pubic hair as well as hair in and on the butt as well). She didn’t complete the Brazillian  because we didn’t have any “strip wax”. This is the soft wax that goes on with a spatula and ripped off using a strip of cloth. This is the substance used for larger, less sensitive areas of the body.

She’s going to remove leg and chest hair. I don’t know how much of my legs will lose their fur. I shaved my chest a while ago. She will use wax to refresh my  hairlessness. If she removes most or all of my leg hair, naked will have a new meaning. Losing that hair won’t cause me any public embarrassment. I won’t be wearing any shorts. Even if I do, I doubt anyone would notice.

I’ll notice. Hairless skin feels different to me. Clothes feel sensuous without fur between the cloth and my skin. Of course, I’m visually different too. It makes me feel more vulnerable and submissive. If Mrs. Lion extends my hairless areas, it will feel to me like an assertion of her power over me.

It’s not that different from a chastity device. Actually, it’s more intense. Once gone, nothing can change my state. A chastity device can be unlocked. Hair only returns after weeks of growing. I’m marked as submissive. That’s a very hot idea to me. Like a chastity device, the change is invisible under clothes, but absolutely discoverable when the clothes come off.

In my mind, at least, I will be naked all the time. That’s a hot idea!

Sunday 9pm —  Mrs. Lion took me to the dungeon this afternoon. She used a lot of wax. I have no hair from my feet to my nipples. She ran out of energy there. I imagine she’ll finish my chest this week. Will she do my pits too? You’ll find out when I do.


  1. I prefer being hairless but, as I mainly have to do it myself, it can become a chore. So I tend to do a full hair removal (at least as far as I can reach) in the spring and then just chest, butt, upper arms and pubes through the rest of the year to keep things tidy. Who cares what other people think? Its my body and I’ll shave if I want to; just as I choose to be in chastity and to have tattoos and body piercings. As you say, most people won’t notice so any embarrassment is down to our own insecurities.

    1. I would love to be kept naked at all times. I also would love to be kept hairless. I shave my cock, balls and ass all the time now. My wife has shaved my legs in the fall the last few years and I then keep them shaved until she tells me to let them grow out in the spring. Sometimes I keep my pubic mound shaved when she lets me.
      A few years ago she shaved my in September when we were in Florida, so I was wearing shorts with shaved legs. I was nervous and embarrassed going out in public, but I don’t think anyone really noticed.
      My chest is basically hairless but my wife has plucked the hairs from around my nipples a few times, which was delightful torment. She has “threatened” to shave my armpits, but has not done so, yet. I am hopeful that she will.
      I find the idea of being completely hairless from neck to toes to be very exciting.

      1. Author

        Local waxing studios do men nowadays. All I can say is that I feel much smoother and hairless after waxing. It’s way different from shaving.

    2. Author

      I’m a waxing fan now. You probably can find a local studio to wax you. It isn’t that expensive after the first time.

  2. I am to keep my cock and balls shaved at all times within a few inches of my waist. Mi Amor allows me to wear women’s panties only. Always in nothing but panties in the house. No children around so it is easy for us to live our lifestyle.

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