penis in too long chastity cage
Here I am in my old cage. It’s too long and too wide.  The head of my penis doesn’t even enter the front of the cage, much less nestle firmly against it. My Jail Bird will be back this Wednesday after the cage was shortened by half and inch so that it would be a better fit. Click the image for a larger, color view. It’s easier to see how badly aligned my urethra is in this very large cage.

(Monday, June 23 2014) Last night ended a nine day period between orgasms. I know that the chastity marathoners are smiling at such a short wait. It was a very long time for me. I learned a lot about myself during those days. Since this wasn’t the first time I had to wait more than a few days to come, I see some patterns. I get tree-humping horny by the third day. Regardless of anything else happening, on day three I am really ready. If I were a wild lion, there is a good chance I would take matters into my own hand. On day five I get grumpy, or as Mrs. Lion calls it, grumbly. I feel deprived and unhappy that my toy is unused. This persists for a day or two. By day 8 I get massively horny again. Without the cage, I would never get past a week.

I find it interesting that there is a progression of reactions during this early period. Based on what others have written, after a couple of weeks, things seem to even out. Clearly we males are as hormone driven as our mates. It’s just that sex is usually more accessible so we never get pushed to where others might notice our changes.

As you may  have read, Mrs. Lion posted about what happened on my eighth night. She had planned to tease me and then bring me to a mind-blowing oral orgasm. Unfortunately, her last tease (oral) went just a bit too far and I had a ruined orgasm. This upset her. I wasn’t upset. As usual, after I ejaculate, I get soft and my interest in sex evaporates. I wondered if I had reset my internal clock by virtue of the ruined orgasm. Mrs. Lion said she would give me that orgasm the next day. I was doubtful that I would be ready.

I’m sure you’ve read all the extravagant stories about how a ruined orgasm just makes a man hornier. I have had a few and I didn’t notice that effect. I never had one after such a long dry spell, though. On Sunday, the next day, I was surprised to find myself horny again. It wasn’t tree-humping horny, but my mind was definitely turning toward sex. Look at the picture I placed with yesterday’s post. It shows my mind was certainly on sex.

Last night, Mrs. Lion got out some spanking implements and told me to lie naked on my stomach. She then gave me a butt-burning spanking. I didn’t get hard during the event, but as you will see, it had the desired effect. After I rolled over she got me hard. It took a bit longer than usual. Then she did several very close tease-and-deny’s. There was no question at all that I was more than one-day desperate. She then used her mouth to tease me again and finally kept going until I had an amazing orgasm. It was most certainly a nine-day orgasm! I asked her about how much semen I produced. I have had a theory that the  longer I wait, the more semen I will have stored up. To my surprise, she said that I produced nearly as much as I did the night before. She told me after the ruined orgasm that I had an unusually large ejaculation. I attributed that to the eight days it had to build up. However, my theory was clearly incorrect. Only a day later I had managed to deliver nearly as much. Live and learn.

Neither time did Mrs. Lion require me to clean up. As she clearly stated in her rule, if she makes me come orally, she keeps the semen to herself. I am absolutely fine with that. I am very surprised at how the last two days went. I was sure that a ruined orgasm would essentially reset my chastity clock the same way a complete orgasm would. It did for a few hours, but then the weight of all that waiting came back. I was also sure that I would need at least a couple of days to recharge after the ruined orgasm. I clearly didn’t.

This is yet another case of Mrs. Lion knowing best. I tried to discourage her from trying to give me an orgasm last night. Happily, she ignored my opinion. She also told me and later wrote that she doubted her ability to do tease and deny. Last night she proved that she is an expert. Clearly, she is more skillful and confident than five months ago when we began this adventure. She is an amazing woman.

It’s a week  now that I am in my original Chinese cage. My Jail Bird is back at Mature Metal getting the cage shortened. With any luck I will get it by the end of the week. The one I am wearing is too long and pinches me when I stand up. I really miss my custom cage. I also wonder how long it will be until I can have another orgasm. Only Mrs. Lion knows that and she’s not talking.

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