Clothespins And A Titanium Penis

Saturday night was a big surprise for me. Mrs. Lion played with me. That’s not the surprise. Though I have to admit that 23 clothespins running up from my perineum to the base of my penis was no picnic, it wasn’t completely unexpected. What surprised me was that she gave me an orgasm too. I expected edging, which I got and then a good night kiss. Instead she pushed me all the way over the top.

I’m not complaining. It felt wonderful. Since it was only two days since my last orgasm, I had no idea it was, well I was, coming. Also surprising was that I had no trouble at all. In the past, I didn’t start getting horny until three or four days after an orgasm. I know it isn’t due to physical issues. It’s just that my body got used to waiting at least four days. I’m very happy I was up to the task.

Mrs. Lion and I have also grown used to writing daily posts. There are times when I just don’t want to bother. Nothing exciting has happened and I haven’t been reflecting on anything relating to sex. FLRD, or chastity. Believe it or not, entire days pass without me thinking about that stuff. Mrs. Lion has the same issue. Somehow, we both manage to find something to write.

I’ve never felt that I ever write just for the sake of making that deadline. I won’t do that. I also won’t post fiction on this blog. It would be easy to construct a hot scene or two and use that for my post. Nope. I’m not going to do that. We could also post less frequently. That’s crossed our minds at times. With over 3,000 posts on this blog, folks can find lots to read if we slow down or even stop.

We’ve also talked about that. We don’t want to do it. In a very real way, writing here forces us to keep our power exchange something we both think about almost all the time. By writing, we keep talking, every day, about our sexual relationship. Apathy is impossible under these conditions. Maybe we’re on to something that others could do as well. It doesn’t have to be a blog. I could be an enforced, daily, email that talks about your particular power exchange. As long as the dialogue remains fresh, growth continues.

On a completely different subject, I’ve looked at some of the machined chastity devices made by Steelwerks Extreme. These are exquisitely crafted male chastity devices made from the finest stainless steel as well as other, more exotic metals. Their products are most definitely chastity jewelry that cost thousands of dollars to purchase.

What caught my eye was a simple device made entirely of titanium. This is a very strong, light metal that doesn’t trip metal detectors (TSA, for example). The device I looked at is claimed to weigh the same as a plastic cage. If I could afford it, I would love one of those. Ever the optimist, I requested a quote.

One thing I noticed on their website was that every device they showed reflects a classic flaccid penis measurement. Apparently, the short cage concept hasn’t reached them yet. I asked for the cost of a simple, one-inch long cage/tube. I wonder how they will react to a challenge like this. More and more men are realizing that the shorter the cage, the better; up to a point. Most men can easily wear a cage under 1-1/2 inches long.

I would love to see how titanium would feel. It’s stronger than steel and very light. There would be no reason for it to come off other than for play and occasional cleaning. My Jail Bird works that way for me. This is something new to me that looks very interesting. You know me. I love new things.


  1. You won’t regret a titanium penis – I love both of mine 🙂 Look at SW’s Twitter and Instagram as there are a few examples of the micro cages they’d made and the guys who wear them.

    And I had wondered how you two wrote every day. I am finding weekly or monthly though, so my hat’s off to you both!

    1. Author

      Can you point me to images of the micro SW devices? I truly would love to try one.

  2. I hVe looked at the Steelwerks stuff too—and also drooled over them. Too expensive but would be nice to try. Particularly if you could get it right immediately and not waste any more money. But that is unlikely. And the costs are exorbitant. Maybe one day I’ll win the lottery. Then I’ll try them out.

    1. Author

      Me too!

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