23 Clothespins

We had a busy day yesterday. In the process we stumbled across a bagel shop and found a few other things we might need to check out sometime in the future. It reminded me of our camping trips when we go off in search of adventure. We find some pretty great things along the way. We came home with our purchases and Lion discovered the Amazon Fresh deal he wrote about in his post this morning.

Since we’d been to an Italian bakery, we bought a loaf of Italian bread and I decided to make lasagna or ziti, depending on what kind of pasta we had at home, and some garlic bread. As Lion made the list for Amazon Fresh, I put away the bagels and started on the ziti. I still had doggie ice cream to make, which I finished by dinner time. I was a well-oiled machine.

Luckily I still had some energy left for Lion. I’m not sure how lucky he felt when I started by putting clothespins on his nipples. He hates that. And that is exactly why I do it. (*evil grin*) I put more clothespins on Lion’s balls, starting on his perineum. I put a few on, then play with my weenie for a minute or two, put some more on, play with my weenie again, rinse and repeat.

I decided to go right up the middle. I made sure they were close together. I know there are some spots that are more painful than others and I didn’t want to take a chance at missing them. Plus, I wanted to see how many clothespins I could get on by just heading right down the middle of main street. It turns out the number is 23.

Of course, I tugged and pulled on them as I jerked him off. I can’t leave well enough alone, can I? I’d already removed his nipple clothespins after flicking them with my fingers a few times. Painful! So the only clothespins I had left were the ones on his balls. Naturally I tried to tug on the ones I thought were in the most painful areas. Why not?

As I got him hornier and hornier, I pulled off random clothespins. Some of them hurt a lot. Others did not. By the time I had them all off, Lion was panting. He wanted to come. I admit I got him closer and closer than I normally would have. I was hoping he would start bucking into my hand. Sadly, he did not. What he did do is point his toes and tense every muscle in his legs. I thought he might levitate off the bed. In the end, he was working so hard at trying to come, almost coming, recovering to try again that I had to let him go all the way.

Yes, I know. It had only been two days. He could have waited longer. Maybe he should have waited longer. Maybe, maybe, maybe. The only thing that really matters is that I wanted him to come.