New Cage?

Lion seems to be on the hunt for a new cage. At least he wants to try one out. A titanium one. This, of course, is all assuming the price is not too high.

Since I haven’t had him in a cage full time for a while, I don’t know if this is just idle curiosity or if he is craving a locked weenie. If it is just curiosity I’ll be happy to play along. If he wants to go back into the cage full time, that’s another discussion.

Our recent attempts at having him locked away haven’t gone very well. There’s always a reason one of us wants him free. Sometimes there’s a sore. Sometimes we have company. Sometimes we’re heading out on vacation. I think, since there’s really no reason for the cage (he won’t masturbate and he won’t stray), we need to think long and hard about the inconvenience of the cage.

I also agree with Lion that the blog is helping us work through things. Maybe the blog has become the new cage. By that I mean it focuses our attention on sex and play. I think it keeps things in the front of my mind because every day I need to come up with something to write about. Maybe not every day; I did miss a post on Friday. But the point is that I have to concentrate on us at least once a day.

On the other hand, Lion did suggest being caged as a weekend activity. If he really wants to be locked up again, can we do it just on the weekend? Will that satisfy his need? A need I’m just speculating he has. That is definitely an option.

[Lion — My post on weekend chastity was about an option for people who aren’t ready or really interested in full-time male chastity. It wasn’t referring to any interest I have. I’m still interested in full-time device wearing. Part of me misses it. Another part doesn’t really want the inconvenience right now. Also, it doesn’t matter what I want.]