very short vhastity cage on me
After my first experience with it, I took more care putting on the very short cage. This is a more accurate view of how it looks on me.

I wasn’t very happy with the way I looked when I tried on the very short Chinese cage for my review the other day. I tried it again. This time I had a better idea how it fits. I’m happy to say that it is very comfortable,  My urethra is protected by my scrotum, which, as you can see, extends far past the tip of my penis. I thinik this inexpensive chastity device is practical for long term wear. Over time, my urethra does poke out more. I don’t consider this a problem.

Thursday night I received a maintenance spanking; this time with a very nasty wide strap. Mrs. Lion was careful to start slowly. It didn’t take long before I was kicking my feet and yelping. She didn’t stop. I did better holding still.  I realize that she is still working up to the sort of punishment spanking I’ve discussed here in the blog. I will learn to accept it. I have no choice.

After a strong spanking I’m not interested in sex. However, the next day, even if it is soon after my last orgasm, I am horny. While punishment sucks, feeling that control is very hot for me.

I received this question from Dan:

I’m having an issue with when errectons do happen, mostly at night. I’m currently using a holy trainer but that’s not going to last for long there is issues with the plastic in general that you have mentioned often. I’m looking at MMs devices and I want to resolve my fitting issue prior to the order. I have asked them the same question but I also want to get your input. The base ring is 45mm a 50mm ring is way to big. It literally falls off The tube is defiantly touching all sides at all times on the holy trainer since I have to use a stocking to put it on dry. The head is always pressed to the front and slings with the hole in general. At night mostly the erections will form behind the base ring pushing the ring forward and causing circulation issues and crushing sensations in general. Other issues are due to the plastic nature of the device. Sticking minor damage due to erections etc. The other things to not is I’m 3-1/2 to 4” flaccid and 9”erect. Is the grower is fife the causing some of the issues you think? I am totally fine with sitting to pee if maybe my cage is to short. I’m not asking for any sizing advice or numbers. I’m trying to figure out what is the most likely cause for the extra amount of build up during erections behind the a-ring that makes a normally comfortable fit in terms of long term wear not work at night.

I get this kind of question regularly.  First, the base ring’s apparent movement when you try to get erect is not always real movement of the ring. Part of the penis is actually in the abdomen behind the base ring. When I attempt to get erect, that tissue fills with blood and makes it look like my base ring has moved away from my body. This can cause the ring to move forward relative to the scrotum. That’s easy to adjust. I find that my Jail Bird moves well with my body and those attempted erections dn’t bother me at all. The crushing sensation may be due to the ring of your plastic device sticking to the skin. This doesn’t happen with me when I wear the metal device. The build up; behind the base ring is normal and has nothing to do with the device you wear.

Tyler writes:

Hello Lion, I read your article about finding the best chastity device. I have the CB6000 that I purchased from AL Enterprises in LV. For me I want to use it for the long-term. I even had a metal locking pin made so that I couldn’t just snap it open. However, I found out that there was a way for me to push down on my penis and slide out of the top. I was so disappointed! Do you have any suggestions or advice for me? I don’t want to be able to just inch my penis out. Do I need a larger spacer? Would a custom Jailbird prevent this? If I use a ring that is too tight I get that pins and needles feeling like not enough blood is coming through and I have to take it off. I just thought you should know about that too.

Any chastity device that uses a base ring and cage can be escaped. Some are easier than others. The CB6000 is notoriously easy. But the simple fact is that you can pull out of any of these devices. Adding pins will make it hurt more both when you try to escape and when  you start trying to get hard. A smaller base ring does cut off the circulation and isn’t the answer at all. You want to be locked in a chastity device. Why would you try to escape? These devices are not designed to be escape proof. They are designed to not permit erections and discourage you from playing with yourself. It makes no sense to try to escape. If you don’t have enough self control to avoid pulling out, enforced male chastity probably isn’t for you.

Cat writes:

I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and enjoy learning how to be a more dominant female to my sub boyfriend. This is all new to me in which my boyfriend introduced me to but he soon realized his fantasy of caging 24/7 wasn’t exactly what he thought it’d be. So like you both, we play along the way learning what works and what doesn’t. It is so refreshing and inspiring to have found a blog that shows both the female and male thoughts behind caging, punishments, FLR etc. Prob the only male perspective on caging blog I’ve ever found. Anyways, I appreciate the posts of real life so it’s not all sex. Thank you!

I love fan mail! Thanks for the good words, Cat. Like you, we have a full life that isn’t centered around male chastity and female led relationship with discipline. We constantly try new ideas. Over the  years — yes it takes years — we integrate what works into our daily lives. Most recently, much more severe spankings are being administered. I’ve received two so far. I hated both of them. This doesn’t mean Mrs. Lion should back off. It means she is more successful as my disciplining wife. My fantasies never feel the same in real life. Some work and others don’t.


  1. Something I’ve noticed when wearing the very short cage, like the one you are wearing in the picture, is that I tend to leak more after peeing. If I don’t want a wet spot in my panties I need to wear a pad.

    1. Author

      I wear a pad in my men’s underwear too. Dripping can be worse when wearing a chastity device, but it happens when uncaged too.

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