Yesterday we really started cleaning the house for our guests this weekend. Normally I do most of the work myself. It’s silly. I really only need to clean the bird cages and do the things that stir up dust. Lion can help with things like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. So he started on the kitchen and I started on the dusting. By the time we took a break we’d gotten pretty far. This morning I started on the kitchen floor and Lion started on the bathroom. All that needs to be done now is the bird cages and a good vacuuming. We do well when we work as a team.

I know it must sound corny but we really do go well together. There are very rare occasions when one of us can’t benefit from the other’s help. I think that’s why male chastity and our FLRD is still working. We trust each other implicitly. We may have our off days but we bounce back. Sometimes I may think Lion is trying to take over with all his suggestions, but I know if I just tell him I need time to digest the ideas he’ll settle down. He can’t help it. He gets excited.

Lion keeps his eye out for new techniques and ideas. The more he reads the more he gets excited. Sometimes he finds things that make absolute sense. I will be able to give him a longer punishment spanking if I start out slowly like a play spanking. Sometimes he finds a little tweak that makes things better. Announcing that punishment will now begin when I’ve been whomping on him for a while changes something for him. Maybe not really better, but different.

I can’t begin to understand how this all works in his mind. Why does he want to be spanked? Why does he want me in charge? Why does he want to be punished? It doesn’t matter. I don’t need to know. As long as I can do it for him I’m happy. And he’s happy.