Just in the Nick of Time

As I was cleaning the last part of the house Lion announced that our company had landed at the airport. It will take them some time to deplane, gather their bags, pick up the rental car and drive here, but we made it. The house is clean. The Lions are excited. And now we wait.

I have just enough time to tell you about last night’s activities. I didn’t think there would be any. We were both tired and we were watching reruns of TV shows. We gave the dog her ice cream and Lion mentioned we hadn’t even snuggled yet. He said, “You never know what might pop up.”

Oh, I know.

True to his word, something popped up. As I was edging him I was toying with the idea of giving him a ruined orgasm. I was getting him closer and closer to the edge each time and he was almost sweating. Then I decided to stop. Lion was panting. I often give him a quick suck when I’m done edging him. He started bucking into my mouth and even put his hand on my back as “encouragement”. I didn’t like it when I pulled away. He wanted more. So I gave it to him.

It took longer than I expected but eventually I got the yummy crème filling. Now Lion was really panting. Just what he wanted! Me too. I love crème filling.