I’ve been wild the last couple of days. Every so often my chastity device will pinch me. This happens when I’m sitting and for some unknown reason, the device gets into an odd place. I wear boxer briefs that do a good job keeping things in place. I suppose it’s just one of those things.

I’m better now and back in the cage. I enjoyed the freedom. For the record, I wasn’t even slightly tempted to take advantage of my ability to get myself hard. That’s Mrs. Lion’s job. My free range status simply didn’t tempt me. Being sore helped my self restraint.

I’m working on making less suggestions about what Mrs. Lion does with me. At this point I’m just noise that slows her down. My problem is that blind acceptance is very difficult for me. I don’t subscribe to the notion that either sex is inherently superior. I also don’t believe that anyone is purely dominant or submissive. I’m certainly not a purebred submissive.

Labels just confuse things. The best way I can describe what we are doing is a negotiated power exchange. We agreed that Mrs.Lion would be in charge of me, at least sexually. What exactly that means would be worked out as we go along.

The most important objectives are that we both grow as individuals and as a couple as a result of what we do. I don’t think Mrs. Lion believed that it would be more than a sexy game for me. I have to admit that I was skeptical as well in the beginning. One reason we decided on a six-month trial period was to give it a chance to take root.

Mrs. Lion admitted that she thought I would want out after a week or two of wearing a chastity device. I’ve had other “bright ideas” that were best left to fantasy. Enforced chastity turned out to be both practical and useful.

We’ve both written about the benefits locking up my penis has brought us. Neither of us has a clue why this kink has been so good for us. When we’ve discussed it, we end up giving one another blank stares. We decided to simply accept our good fortune and keep me locked up.

I admit it sometimes seems strange that I can’t understand why enforced chastity works for us. It has nothing to do with ending any bad “habits” I may have had before lockup. It’s not a matter of trust. It’s a very happy mystery. I wonder if others have had similar experiences. Tell us if you have.