I Was Too Mean

Last night the sore on my weenie felt ropy like a scar. I didn’t hurt Lion when I played with him. Of course the Magic Wand has a way of transcending all pain. He was a happy boy, especially when I gave him an orgasm.

This morning Lion said he thinks the sore spot is from Velcro. I know he hates Velcro so I teased him that he’d blame anything on Velcro just so I won’t use it again. Maybe it is from Velcro. I was pretty mean last time I used it. It’s possible I wounded him. But I’d think it would have shown up before it did. [Lion — Mrs. Lion put the Velcro tightly around my flaccid penis and then got me very hard. The Velcro “choked” it, when is painful, as intended. I think the tight band may have caused a temporary injury. Erectile tissue is delicate when inflated.]

This last orgasm was a four day wait. We discussed yesterday that he wouldn’t necessarily want a four day wait all the time. What he wants more than anything is for me to decide how long he waits. He does, however, like knowing the date I’ve planned on giving him said orgasm.

With that in mind, I wasn’t going to give him an orgasm last night because I hadn’t told him ahead of time. But the Magic Wand makes him feel so good I couldn’t resist. I did want to give him an oral orgasm but I can save that for next time. Now I just need to figure out when next time is.