No Clue

After writing about the importance of locking Lion away so he can’t touch himself, I had to leave him unlocked for a few days. Even last night his sore spots made him ask not to play. Let me say that again: Lion requested we not play. That’s fairly unusual. He was very horny the night before. Last night, not so much.

It could be that he’s slipped into another slump but I don’t think so. The slumps don’t make him ask not to be locked up so a sore spot can heal. The slumps make him not care whether he’s locked or not.

The good news is that Lion says the sore spots seem better. When I told him we could play tonight and then I can put the cage on, he thanked me. The better news for Lion is that his sore spots rule out any Velcro or menthol rub play. I don’t want to irritate the area. I’m thinking something along the lines of the Magic Wand for tonight.

We were watching a TV show yesterday in which the characters said they had sex twice a week. Lion said the guy was lucky. I told him he was pretty lucky because he gets attention almost every night. He said it’s not the same as having sex twice a week. I wonder what Lion would do if he had sex twice a week. He didn’t like it very much when he had an orgasm every day. If he were to have two orgasms a week, would he like it? Would he want to wait longer? It’s hard to pin him down sometimes.

I know neither of us likes long waits. Lion says his optimum wait is four days. I was aiming for anywhere between four days and two weeks. At four days he would average two per week. I’m not sure how I feel about that and I’m not sure he wants it. I’m also still unsure if he likes to know when he’s going to get an orgasm. Does it give him something to look forward to? I think he’s hoping I’ll find a reason to make him wait longer once I’ve set the date. Even after all this time I still feel like I don’t have a clue.

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