Needle In A Haystack

For years I’ve asked people if they knew any women who actually introduced enforced male chastity into her relationship. I had some false leads; men who suggested it and then their partners following through later. No, that wasn’t what I had in mind. I was looking to see if some woman did research and came up with the idea for herself. None were discovered until now. OK, my discovery doesn’t yet count as a full-on female initiated enforced male chastity example; not yet. But it might.

I wrote about the difficulty a woman can face when asked to be dominant. One case I didn’t cover is when the woman decides she is happier as the top. I experienced this with my very first play partner. I expressed my longstanding interest in BDSM. She thought it interesting, but had no experience herself. She was a genius with a measured IQ north of 160. We both did a ton of reading (books, this was before the WWW).

We decided to experiment. We would take turns topping. One day I would top, the next was her turn. After about a week, we discovered that she was really grumpy the day after I topped her. She was cheerful after topping me. I enjoyed being topped. So, we decided that she would be the top all the time. She had fun, particularly when she made me squirm when being beaten with a riding crop.

She got into topping because it was fun for her. We never had sex as part of the scene. But after she was done, she would invariably ask me to be an “attack lion” and mount her. Of course, I did. We were both very turned on by our play. She had no internal struggles with the role of topping me. While the play was sexual to us both, it was never sex.

My needle in the haystack has the same backstory. She started off switching and then she and her husband both realized they were both happier with her as the top.

I learned that she has been reading the Journal. She’s recently starting commenting on the blog. I noticed her comments, we don’t get all that many, and clicked on her website. Her name is Sayyidsgirl. I read her most recent post and then started reading back. One, titled “Penis Power” discussed my recent post “Me and My Penis“. I really like the post. It’s a very interesting woman’s interpretation of my male point of view.

But that’s not the needle in this haystack. Sayyidsgirl actually wrote about locking her husband in a chastity device. Ok, get ready, this is the needle I have finally found: She introduced the idea to her husband and is working on getting him to accept wearing a chastity device. This is the first documented instance of a real female (most so-called keyholder bloggers are males expressing fantasies) discovering enforced chastity and proposing it to her husband. How about that?

She also offered a most interesting insight into why she wants to lock him up. She said,

“Knowing his penis is locked in a cage, only to be taken out and used for my pleasure, then put back away, is a rather delicious thought. The ultimate power and control.”

That’s the magic sentence. Isn’t that the essence of the male chastity fantasy? As far as I can tell, it’s also the only rational reason why a woman would want to lock up her partner’s penis. The other stuff about making him tamer, etc. is pure fantasy. I wonder if this sentence is more than just testing the waters of a power exchange. Does she really feel this way? Is she the Golden Fleece?

Needless to say, I’ve added her blog to my list of blogs I read. I look forward to learning if she actually snaps the lock on a chastity device.and. I can’t wait to find out.


  1. Author

    Oh lion I absolutely feel that way. I want that ultinate power and control over him. I feel I will finally reach it when I am able to lock him up. The device is ordered and tucked away for that magical day when he agrees to it. If he agrees. Fingers crossed.

    I’m open to suggestions on how to entice him into my cage…. hehe

  2. Author

    I haven’t been able to find the blogs you read for quite some time. I thought you had abandoned that portion of your blog. Still can’t find it as a matter of fact.

    1. Author

      It only shows up on a computer or tablet. This theme hides the right column on phones. I hate that.

      1. Author

        I’ll have to take a look. There were a few you followed that I never could figure out how to follow myself. So I always used to go to their pages when you indicated a new post!

  3. Author

    I am another needle, unfortunately my husband is resisting.

    1. Author

      Wow! He may want you to try it for weekend play. Be patient. A horny mam is willing to experiment. At least I am.

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