Boring Monday

Lion announced he was horny from over 2500 miles away. There’s not much I can do about from here. However, tomorrow I’ll be considerably closer. Right next to him as a matter of fact. I’m sure I’ll be tired but I bet I can at least make it worse for him.

Last time I went with Lion on a business trip I ran all over the place trying to see everything in a few days. I had no idea if I’d ever get a chance to sightsee there again. I missed a lot but this time I don’t feel like I’m under any time crunch. Slow and steady wins the race. I’m still very excited though.

I am envisioning many opportunities to correct Lion while we’re away. He gets excited and tends to want to run the show. He feels he has the best insight into places to see and things to do. We should go here or we should do this. Sometimes it makes sense but he forgets that I have ideas too. For example, we have a tour scheduled on Friday and dinner reservations Friday night. What’s the best way to get from point A to point B? I offered a solution. He questioned part of it. He offered a different solution. We went back and forth a bit and eventually settled on what I said originally. I’m not saying he shouldn’t offer suggestions. He just needs to tread lightly.

Unless I come up with a brilliant idea between now and then, I probably won’t have a post for tomorrow. I do have a layover but I’m not sure I’ll be up for writing a post. I suppose I could even write in the plane. But with Lion gone I have less to say. My next post will be an east coast post.