Together Tonight

Mrs. Lion is on her way to be with me! I’m very excited that we will be together tonight. This is truly wonderful for us both. For one thing, we will be in a real resort complete with room service and other amenities. While I have to work most of the week, we will be here for a long weekend. We can prowl together. What fun!

We have dinner reservations tonight at a fantastic restaurant. In fact, every night we will be having memorable meals. I suspect that sex will have to wait until tomorrow. After long fights and a big dinner, Mrs. Lion is most likely going to want to go to sleep. That’s fine. I can wait. I haven’t been sleeping well alone. I need my lioness for a lot more than sex.

I haven’t been thinking about sex or power exchanges. I’m enjoying the vacation from these thoughts. I considered not posting today. But no one insists I have to feature my penis in every single post. Fatigue and loneliness shut down my sexual interests.

This will probably change when Mrs. Lion gets here. It seems that nearly every year I lose more interest in travel. For most of my life, I’ve been on the road. At the peak of my traveling, I was in two cities in a single day. I have to admit that I love where I am now.

Her plane takes off shortly. I’m in my hotel room. I’m getting ready for a meeting. The king-of-beast sized bed is mussed on only one side. I think that seeing my mate’s side still neatly made is a very graphic symbol of my loneliness.

Not today. My love will be filling that empty space tonight. One of the best fringe benefits of my job is that I am encouraged to bring my family with me on these trips. It’s a smart move. Mrs. Lion gets to experience what keeps me at the office and frequently working from home at night.

For me, at least, my work is more than a paycheck. It’s an opportunity to make positive changes for people. Yes, I work for a profitable company. I love what we do and I love the challenges I face. To be able to share it all with my wife is a true joy.

None of this applies to our power exchanges. My chastity device is on my night table at home. We have no paddles here. Even my hairbrush is lightweight for travel. Of course, our hotel room has corners and soap, so Mrs. Lion has some tools if she needs them. I don’t think she will. She, on the other hand, figures I will get excited and will interrupt her or start taking charge. If I do, she’s assured me that I will be corrected.

We’ve both been thinking about our current, more-mature view of our power exchange. We agree the hardware isn’t actually needed. I will remain chaste. Mrs. Lion told me that she will be more proactive in correcting me. This trip, which is on my territory is a great opportunity for her to assert herself. In a few hours this new adventure begins.