Mrs. Lion is right. In her post yesterday, “No Football But There’s Still Spanking,” she mentioned that I haven’t been very interested in sex lately. That’s absolutely true. I’m writing this late on Friday afternoon, and I didn’t even get a tingle when I read that she wants to take out the massage table. I do think that I’m broken. I hope it isn’t permanent. If it is, what will I write about?

I could write political editorials. I’m sure that would thrill you. I could talk about blogging. Nope. I have to face the fact that the overwhelming majority of our readers expect spanking and male sexual adventures when they read our blog. That’s only fair. We’ve written 3.6 million words on the subject so far. The region between my belly button and my knees is extensively documented here. I always wanted to be popular.

I hope that Mrs. Lion is right and she can resuscitate my limp weenie. She is a very skilled lover. Today (Saturday) is punishment day, and based on her post, I can expect time riding the spanking bench. She’s right that it is always useful to remind me of the consequences of bad behavior. Doesn’t that seem odd to you? I’m a grown man, but I still need reminders, painful ones, to do what I’m supposed to.

If you put this in the context of a long-term relationship, it isn’t so odd. I get punished when I don’t live up to Mrs. Lion’s expectations. I agreed to set up the coffee pot every day. If I don’t, she has to do it the next morning. Not a big deal in the scope of a marriage, but an irritant that could fester and leak out in destructive ways. I realize that’s a very small chore that I am using as an example. Other, more important rules involve showing proper respect for my mate.

Mrs. Lion hates it if I interrupt her. It’s a big deal to her. She also doesn’t like it when I act like a know-it-all. In the pre-spanking days, these upsets would build up. At some point, she would withdraw and refuse to tell me what was wrong. She had nowhere for her feelings to go. She could have growled or yelled at me. I don’t think that would have helped either of us. Instead, she punishes me. It’s very humbling to be spanked by your wife. It also makes a powerful point that has nothing to do with the pain of paddling.

When she spanks me, Mrs. Lion is letting me know that she controls the consequences of my behavior. She expects me to be a responsible adult. She also makes sure I know what happens if I’m not. That’s why we have punishment day. Five minutes with her paddle is an excellent reminder to watch my step. It works.