Don’t Turn Your Relationship Inside Out

Mrs. Lion and I are on opposite coasts today. Fortunately, she is joining me i couple of days. My room has a king-sized bed. We prefer that. As she wrote yesterday, I wasn’t interested in sex. I wasn’t nervous about traveling. I just felt badly that I was on the road again. Given how much I love where I am, it was odd for me to feel so strongly. I still can’t understand why I felt so strongly, but whatever the cause, it got in the way of an erection.

I feel fine now that I am here. I’ve been thinking about our approach to FLR. It is far from the way other blogs describe. We have evolved our own approach. The first step was to recognize that “play”, which to us is essentially a BDSM scene. It has nothing to do with discipline, or for that matter, male chastity.

Our FLR extends to giving Mrs. Lion the last word on any matter she cares to decide. Otherwise, we are a loving couple that shares decisions and work. The twist is that Mrs. Lion can overrule me and make decisions whenever she wants. This allows us to build a power exchange without turning our lives inside out.

Punishment is an extension of a BDSM scene. The difference is that the objective is to hurt me enough to help me correct my behavior. There is no sexual element at all. Our go-to activity is spanking. That’s also a scene activity I like. But I am not a bit confused when I am punished. It may look a bit like BDSM, but it doesn’t feel like it.

It stands to reason that if a power exchange doesn’t force a relationship to radically change, it has a much better chance of success. I believe that is why we’re going strong now that we are in our fifth year.

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    I agree 100%. Our lives haven’t changed a ton in many ways but there have been some key changes. Still we are much the same as we were. Enjoy your trip—especially when Mrs.Lion arrives!

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