I’m an avid reader of other blogs about male chastity, spanking, and lifestyle power exchanges. I’m a big fan of Strict Julie Spanks, a blog that accurately reports BDSM scenes between Julie and her husband. The reason this site deserves particular mention is that Julie doesn’t just do scenes that relate to the fantasies of her husband and she. She incorporates the fantasies of her readers in her real-life activities.

It’s true that her posts are “enhanced” to make them more arousing to her almost-entirely male readership. But, she assures me that the activities described are real and the action is accurately reported.

I don’t normally do commercials for other blogs. Bloggers are selfish hoarders of their readers. In the past I’ve written about other blogs without any acknowledgment or reciprocation. Julie is the lone exception. That’s not why this post is about her.

Aside from being hot, her posts offer insight into how to build a successful BDSM scene. For example, even though I’ve taught many workshops on spanking technique, when it came to my own punishment, I felt that there needed to be a difference between punishment and play spanking. Julie taught me that I was wrong.

It turns out that punishment spanking is exactly the same as “play” spanking. Simply beating someone as hard as you can from the start certainly didn’t work when Mrs. Lion tried that on me. I couldn’t take much at all. But, when she used the tried-and-true technique of gradual buildup, a spanking went from eight swats to hundreds. It wasn’t fun for me. It hurt a lot and left me sore and red.

She could successfully send me a painful message in a way I could barely handle; but I could handle it. Julie’s explicit descriptions of her work on her husband were the inspiration I needed to suggest this change to Mrs. Lion. As a result, our FLR with discipline became more effective.

The reason I picked this particular time to recommend Julie’s blog is her most recent post, “Husband Made to Take the Breast“. She took suggestions from her readers and incorporated some in her scene. In this case it was simulated breast feeding. I have no idea if this is something either of them wanted before the suggestion, but based on her post she did a fantastic job of creating a living fantasy.

For the record, I’m not interested at all in Mrs. Lion breast feeding me. This example is a way of illustrating the kind of creativity that makes her blog so much fun to read. She’s been writing for about six years. Her content is always fresh. I’ve gone back and read her earlier posts. There’s a fun, consistent story of a couple’s evolution in BDSM. That’s rare in the blogosphere.


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    Just a heads up—your links to Strict Julie Spanks and her post are not working—at least for me.

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    Thank you lion!!!! I love you too!

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    Everyone has different things they want. I don’t think she is too severe. I might not like it at the time (that’s the idea) but I’m comfortable agreeing to let her do them to me.

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