Tell Me A (Sexy) Story And I’ll Tell You One

Even sex bloggers need inspiration. Unfortunately, porn doesn’t do much for me. All of the sex in our marriage is one-way. Mrs. Lion doesn’t want sex for herself. She does a great job providing me with stimulation and occasional orgasms. The problem is that I need more than my penis getting sucked to get really revved up.

I had an idea. What if one of my friends who happens to be a sex blogger and author, would write sexy stories designed to push my sexual buttons. I could do the same for her. I bet you don’t have to work very hard to guess who I asked. That’s right, Julie of

She’s a perfect choice. We read each other’s blogs. We also edit each other’s books. If that isn’t enough, we’ve seen each other naked. Don’t get the wrong idea. We’ve both published naked pictures in our respective blogs. Between reading each other’s writing and our private correspondence, we are experts on what turns each other on. Not only that, I am the older man she fantasizes about, and she is the younger woman any man would want.

If I could, this is what I would have done while reading Julie’s story. This is me about a year before I met Mrs. Lion. Before locking me up the first time, she had me do this while she watched. I had a frenum piercing then.

But wait! There’s more! Julie is a real-life switch who is an expert spanker who likes her own butt red and sore. I am also a switch. Before Mrs. Lion, I spent many years as a top. I was also a teacher who did workshops on spanking and other BDSM activities. I am exclusively a bottom to Mrs. Lion.

We are well qualified to create realistic fiction designed to turn each other on. So, we did. I started with a short story about Julie spanked by her stepfather. The second was Julie visiting daddy’s office. Fictional Julie is the same age as real-life Julie. She liked the stories and reported having some nice orgasms while reading. She wrote me a wonderful story about visiting her at her summer cottage. I can’t jerk off but I got some very nice boners reading and rereading it.

Julie suggested that we share our stories with our readers. I agreed that it sounded like fun. She is publishing the ones I write for her, and I am publishing hers. There is a new section on our top menu for Stories. You can find Julie’s first story there. Here is a link directly to the story, “Visiting Julie at Her Cottage.” It’s incredibly hot reading.


  1. Thank you Lion.
    I just re-read my story on your blog, and it’s even better sitting there!
    We are soooooooo naughty!

    1. Author

      We are! I love it!

  2. That was wonderful! Best of both worlds with my very favorite bloggers and writers.
    Filled with very naughty surprises right up to the end with the delightful invoking of Julies rule: you come, you eat.
    I dream on.

    1. Author

      It was big fun for me (of course)! Nasty rule isn’t it? Stay tuned. Tomorrow’s post is more of the same.

  3. OMG, poor Mr Stevenson ! Does he know with whom he is playing?
    How she says : “Safeword red”

    1. Author

      Who is Mr. Stevenson?

      1. Oops, Mr Stevens, Julie’s old boss… waiting for the full Strict Julie experience

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