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Lion wasn’t up for play lat night. His arm hurt from PT. He was itchy. And he just hasn’t been in the mood. He has a theory about his allergies so we’re waiting to see if the fix helps. He was undecided about writing a post for this morning but ultimately he did. When he was done he came into the bedroom and complained about my being on the iPad all night.

As you know, I like my games. If we’re not playing or snuggling or holding hands, I’m probably going to be on my iPad. It’s not like I’m completely immersed. We were talking and watching TV. Generally, the only time I get upset at Lion for interrupting me when I’m on the iPad is when I’m reading something. Last night when he complained about my playing games he told me his post was done and if I could pry myself away I could read it. Then he asked if I was going to stop playing. At that point I was in the middle of reading his post and something on the TV had caught my attention. See? I can do more than one thing at a time.

Lion told me he was wobbly while we were brushing our teeth. Then he said he wanted me to see if I could get him excited. So at 11:45 pm, I was using the Magic Wand on him. The problem is that it was late and I think when Lion is wobbly, the mind is willing but the body may not be. I told him we could try today in the sling.

So this morning I decided to send him sexy messages in our emails to entice him to be horny for later. Mind over matter? Maybe. I know I can get Lion interested. I know I can make him come. He may not be happy about coming but too bad. I’m trying to jump start things here. He doesn’t like not being interested. I’m going to do whatever I can to get him interested. It is, after all, my job to keep him in line. I’ll use any weapon in my arsenal to do so.


  1. Author

    As others have noted, some common cold/allergy medications (especially anti-histamines, such as Benadryl) do lead to erectile dysfunction. I’ve noticed that this effect is very pronounced for me. They don’t affect my initial desire, but I often end up in that horrible feedback loop of worrying about my erection, which then *causes* it to droop.

    Coupled with feeling uncomfortable to begin with, I can certainly understand how the Lion would have a hard time getting interested (or hard, for that matter). In this situation, I’ve been able to have (very satisfying) forced orgasms using a vibrator, even with no hint of an erection present. Of course, that might not be the skyrockets you were hoping for to celebrate the longest wait ever.

    The idea of forced orgasms can be pretty hot, though…

  2. Author

    Hello Mrs. Lion and Caged Lion,

    The last few days have been interesting to follow but as Mark said, ultimately the ability to orgasm and ejaculate is up to Mrs. Lion and not Caged Lion.

    Mrs. Lion, force Caged Lion to orgasm and do not give him an option. What you want is what matters.

    “Future Caged Sub”

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