Get Back in Line

Lion has a keen sense of when his last orgasm was. I usually have no idea. Three days, eight days, seventeen days. It all blends together. I guess it makes sense for him to be more aware. I could give him one every day or wait nineteen days. It’s all the same to me. Lion wants one now. That’s not really true but if he’s horny he usually wants one.

The other day he said he wants some sort of pomp and circumstance when it happens. He worried that he’d know if I always just teased him without playing with him and then played with him when I was going to give him an orgasm. So I decided I had to build a better mousetrap. I’d have to do a mixture of playing and not playing so he’d never be able to guess.

Last night I was going to use some Velcro on him but I decided since he’d had his balls whomped the night before I should do something nice for him. He loves bondage. Hands tied, feet tied, blindfold, balls tied. He doesn’t care. Just tie him up and he’s a happy boy. I tied his balls up. And then I gave him some oral attention. I have to say that is was not my intention to give him an orgasm. I was only going to tease him. He keeps track of how he has his orgasms (oral, hand job, vaginal) so I was planning on giving him a vaginal orgasm tonight. He loves them and I love having him inside me even if I don’t care about sex.

As I continued to tug on his balls with the rope and suck him he gave me some pre-cum. I’m a sucker (no pun intended) for pre-cum. The more of a taste I got the more I wanted more of a taste. Obviously I can’t have a taste if he comes inside me. I had a dilemma. I abandoned the vaginal orgasm idea and went straight for a mouthful of Lion cum. Yummy!

So Lion went all the way to the top of the roller coaster, came screaming down the other side and the ride was done. When we were back to snuggling I told him he had to get back in line.