Devious Lioness

Work has been getting in the way of writing posts lately. Normally I find some time in the morning, but we’re getting ready for a new computer program and learning it will be the death of us all. So I wasn’t able to write a post yesterday. Not the end of the world but it is annoying.

The good thing is that not writing a post has nothing to do with playing with Lion. Once I’m home, with the obligatory complaining about work and the latest issue with the new computer system, I’m free to do what I like. And what I like is torturing Lion. Sure I make him feel good, but then I leave him hanging. Poor frustrated, horny Lion.

Last night I edged him with a smattering of ball swatting mixed in. He loves the edging but can do without the ball swatting. Too bad it’s not up to him whether he gets ball swats or menthol rubs or clothespins on his balls. That’s my decision. And since he said he likes some pomp and circumstance before an orgasm, I have to throw some in when he’s not getting an orgasm so he won’t automatically know when it’s coming. Or when he’s coming, more correctly.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t throw one in when he doesn’t get any pomp and circumstance. Suppose I edge him for a week with “treats” added and then one night I decide to just give him a no frills orgasm? Is that wrong? Can’t be. I decided it. And I can’t be wrong. I’m in charge. Lion can tell me what he prefers but there’s nothing in our unwritten contract that says I have to do what he prefers. I do have to keep him on his toes.

I may tell Lion he’ll have an orgasm tonight, but I may be lying to him. Or I may decide he doesn’t seem horny enough to have one. I may tell him he’s definitely not having one tonight and then go a little too far so I have to salvage one. Or he may do something that amuses me so I give him one. He just never knows what’s going to happen next.