It’s All About The Story

Have you been to an amusement park and took a ride on the roller coaster? Exciting! Have you been to a theme park, like Disney World, and rode Space Mountain. It’s a roller coaster too. Which was more fun? I vote for Space Mountain. The Disney attraction if you see it in the light, is more of a kiddie coaster, but because there is a story wrapped around the ride, it is much more exciting.

The reason for this is that the amusement park ride is just hardware, Space Mountain is an experience. While waiting on line, you pass through all sorts of space stuff: a control room, countdowns, and other interesting displays. By the time you get to the actual ride you are primed for a space experience. You’ve been prepared for an exciting ride in space.

There is a strong parallel with enforced chastity. None of the fantasies are about someone simply locking the penis in a device. There is always a story. It could be the possessive wife/girlfriend who doesn’t want to take any chances her man will cheat. Or, maybe he can’t be trusted not to jerk off to pornography. There is always a reason the device is introduced. Once it is in place, she discovers other benefits like increased sexual attention to her, a willingness to do housework, etc. In some stories she also humiliates the caged male. I think you might agree that thinking about the fantasy plot line is every bit as exciting as wearing the chastity device. I would be surprised if many new keyholders realize the importance of creating a story as well as managing their caged males’ ability to orgasm.

Years ago, I attended a workshop for BDSM switches (people who assume both dominant and submissive roles). Two of the speakers were a married couple who both switched. They took turns being dominant over the other. They demonstrated how they did this. I was very impressed that as soon as one of them assumed the dominant role, their entire demeanor changed. The dominant partner became strict and autocratic. He (or she) would act as though the role was permanent. There was a story.

When she took charge, he was told he had been naughty and needed a spanking; which, of course, she pulled down his pants and administered. Until I saw that, I hadn’t really put the pieces together. Her words to him were hot, to me at least. They were way more arousing than the actual spanking.

Having a story isn’t about elaborate role playing. It isn’t about the keyholder becoming someone else; someone she doesn’t want to become. It’s about introducing just enough story to add heat. A simple technique is to add a “reason” for what you are doing. For example, reminding him that you think it is “cute” or “funny” he can’t get hard. Or that it is fun for you that he gets so frustrated. Your story is that you are enjoying his situation.

If you need inspiration, read some of the extensive chastity fiction that is peanut-buttered all over the Web. The key to a good story is that you, the keyholder, is inserting yourself into his situation. You are providing him with deeper reasons why his penis is in a cage. You don’t have to be silly or extreme, just do enough to get him to react. Every guy is different, but I’m willing to bet it will be easy to find a few simple things that will provide an extremely hot story for his lockup.


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    Nice to see you back!! Hope you and the fabulous Lioness are over the recent stress and are enjoying life again

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      Thank you. Things are getting back to normal. I still hate waiting, but at least I know it won’t be too long.

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