Empty Cage Syndrome

For no apparent reason, sexual activity hasn’t been going on here.  Over the last week, Mrs. Lion fondled me a few times. I didn’t respond. I think pressure from work is getting in my way. I also think that when I am this unresponsive, I put Mrs. Lion off. I think she doesn’t want to make me uncomfortable. It’s times like this when I wonder if my wild state doesn’t make things worse.

I can’t imagine why that would be the case. It’s been quite a while since I got turned on thinking about being locked up. After a couple of years, the cage was just something that was always there. It was frequently inconvenient because it would pinch me now and then and peeing was much more difficult. On the other hand, Mrs. Lion made a lot more reference to “her weenie”. Now there is almost no penis talk around here.

It’s unclear why this is true. Even our posts barely mention it. I may be thinking this because one of my biggest motives for asking Mrs. Lion to lock me up was my thoughts that the cage would force sexual attention. It was right. Enforced chastity restarted sexual activity for us. Did it also keep it going? There was a very good reason to uncage me: my shoulder surgery. I am still in physical therapy three days a week. My sex drive has been much lower since pain and difficulty doing things take up much of my energy.

My first night’s sleep unassisted by pain relievers was only three days ago. That is a very big deal for me. I do hurt when I use my shoulder a bit too much. It is painful after physical therapy. But the nighttime pain is virtually gone. Unfortunately, there are positions that still cause me pain. It hurts to lie on my stomach. I can’t find a position for my right arm that doesn’t hurt. Until last weekend, lying on my back was also uncomfortable.

Now that that pain is absent, I wonder if Mrs. Lion will have more success arousing and edging me. I wish I could say that I tested my pain theory for myself, but after all these years of no penile contact,  I have a tough time getting myself hard. Of course, that’s exactly what Mrs. Lion wants.

I’m writing this post at 8pm yesterday. I have no idea what tonight will bring. Maybe edging is back in my life. You’ll have to wait for Mrs. Lion’s post this afternoon to find out.

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    I am sorry to hear that you experience so much physical pain, Lion! That would certainly make arousal more difficult. Hoping that you got to experience some edging last night 🙂

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