My Preferences As A Blogger

As a blogger, I generally confine my writing to discussion of our interests and feelings. I figure that once in almost 2,500 posts I can talk about the blog itself and about how it affects me. Both of us like writing. I guess that much is obvious. We like reading what each other writes. Every day we exchange quite a few emails. Most of them are short; all express our love for one another. Sometimes, Mrs. Lion sends me previews via the blog of what we will be doing that evening. Other times, she surprises me and then tells you about it the next day.

You have an effect on me. Even though we have a lot of readers, I react to the comments and contacts you make. This blog is a form of social media. Unlike a newspaper or magazine, a blog is often a conversation between the blogger and readers. I’ve learned a lot from readers who have taken the time to comment on what we write. Sometimes we also feel pride that we have helped someone. That feels amazing. Thank you if you’ve let us know we’ve been useful. It makes my day.

We don’t “print” every comment we get. From the first, I decided we wouldn’t be a forum for narratives for chastity experiences if their only point is to provide an outlet about those experiences. On the other hand, if a comment has a point and is illustrated by the writer’s experiences, then those descriptions are very welcome. I realize that other bloggers welcome narratives written without relevance to the post they follow. That’s fine. I want the discussion here to expand on the conversation.

As a rule, very few comments need to be deleted. Generally, one person will write a series of long descriptions of enforced chastity, domestic discipline, etc. The most recent case was a series of seventeen comments about a whole two months of chastity experience. I indulged it for a while, but finally just deleted the lot. On the other end of the scale is a small group of people whose comments always add to the dialogue. Often, we learn from these people.

That doesn’t mean you have to be an expert to join in. You don’t. All you need is an interest in what we are discussing. Ask questions. Tell a joke. Offer your viewpoint. All that is very welcome. I love it when we get a discussion going. It’s rare around here, but when it happens I love it.

Wanna make me happy? Add a comment. Thanks.


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    That is a different point of view. Good luck with your website.

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    You are kind of an outlet for others. There is really no one we can share with, family or friends, so MCJ has become our family…. We wait for every blog to come up and read and discuss what the two of you write…. We’ve learned a lot from you both, and as we are about to celebrate our 17th anniversary together we are happier than ever. Just hard not to share our excitement about what we have discovered… We have tried many fetishes and roles in those years. Usually we quickly realize it isn’t for us. But this? Amazing.

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      It’s great that we have been helpful. I understand the desire to share your new experiences. This isn’t the forum for that. However, there is a good male chastity forum. I can’t give you the URL right now due to being on work computers, but I can add it to this note later.

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        Did you ever find that URL? Hope you get to feeling better.

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    2,500 posts!!! Your blogging effort is commendable.

    Your blog has been helpful in detailed perspective of what it’s like realistically. While plenty of sources offer realistic descriptions of male chastity, they are limited to short articles, lacking the details of everyday nuances. That, sets your blog apart from others of similar theme.

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    Her subject hit it. It’s because your blog is real. Most of what we read seems fake. As you practice this lifestyle daily you begin to tell the difference. MCJ was real enough to make my Goddess read it too. We are real and grow daily through trial and error along with reading information shared by other real couples.

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