Trolls live on the Internet. Every so often one crawls out from under the bridge and comes our way. Lucky us! Most recently a troll decided Mrs. Lion and I needed to offer personal advice to him. Well, no not advice. More about that in a bit.

One day a brief contact us email arrived asking if the email came through. I acknowledged it. Won’t do that again. The next day a 1,000 word email arrived critiquing our grammar and writing style. He liked it. But he wasn’t sure we were real. He wanted us to prove we are. That email went into the trash too.

The next day another endless email arrived apologizing for doubting our existence. You can’t imagine how relieved we were to learn that. Another problem solved. But wait! The next day another long missive asking for some sort of advice. I deleted it without reading it. This was followed by a comment here complaining we didn’t offer advice. Comment deleted.

Guess what happened next? That’s right. Another email of 1,000 words that opened with the “just tell me you don’t want to talk with me and I will go away.” Really? Do you see anything wrong with that?  Seems to me it doesn’t take 1,000 words to say that. That’s not all. Next came another comment with the same message. Deleted. Then another email. There is a pattern here.

We’ve seen stuff like this before, though not so persistent. It’s usually a single, lonely, overweight guy who wants help with his jerk off fantasies. Please! Some people believe that since we write a blog, we are also always available for free private advice and support. At least for trolls.

For the record, if we get questions that are obviously easy to find answers for on the blog, we will probably not respond. If we are busy, we may not have time to respond either. Writing a post a day is pretty time consuming.

Having said that, I love the comments we get that aren’t fantasies or troll questions. The conversations we have with our readers are some of the most important rewards we get for all this work.

I needed to get this off my chest. Keep reading and please keep commenting. No trolls welcome.


  1. Author

    Okay, okay, so I sent you one too many emails – HA

    Nice post and it hit home in many, many ways as I get the people who pray for me a lot.

    Be well, my friends, and Happy Christmas.

    1. Author

      Ahh the joys of blogging. Are all those prayers working? LOL Happy Christmas to you too!

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