It’s been fairly quiet around here lately. Lion isn’t feeling very sexy. He’s waiting for news about his shoulder surgery – MRI Thursday and doctor appointment Friday. His allergies are bothering him. It’s difficult to concentrate on sex when your mind is elsewhere and your body is attacking itself. That doesn’t stop us from snuggling though.

Even though he’s not in the mood, I’ve still been unlocking Lion and fondling him. I’m not necessarily looking for him to get hard. I just want him to know I’m still here for him and if he gets hard, he gets hard. No pressure. In the meantime, he gets massaged balls and weenie rubs. What’s not to like?

He’s also finally getting started on a project at work that’s largely been hanging over his head. Imagine your boss saying you need to build a giant wall in China and not giving you any workers or stone. Lion finally has his workers and stone. Let the wall begin. Rather than being a huge unknown, it’s now becoming a structure. So you can see, his mind is elsewhere.

Lion feels bad when he doesn’t/can’t respond to me. He thinks he’s letting me down. He’s not. I don’t think he’s suddenly turned off by me. I know there are other things going on. It’s my job to help in any way I can. Even if it’s just by snuggling beside him and letting things happen, or not, as they may. I’ve never punished him for not performing and I’m not about to start now.

Last night I suggested leaving the cage off. Lion said he could handle it being on. In the middle of the night he asked to have it removed. His allergies were too much for him. This morning he had to get out the door quickly. He didn’t ask about underwear and I didn’t stop him from putting on his regular briefs. There’s a time for being in charge and a time to let things go. I don’t feel bad that he is wild and pantiless. He still knows who’s in charge even if I didn’t insist he wear a lacy thong. We’re nothing if not adaptable.