The other day, Lion asked me to read a blog. I don’t really like reading other blogs or articles. They make me feel like I’m missing something. Other women seem to enjoy causing their men pain. Some think it’s fun to make a butt black and blue. It’s amusing when he can’t sit without wincing. They like to torture his penis and not allow an orgasm for months. And many men seem to enjoy being on the receiving end of such harsh treatment. I don’t get it.

It’s true, at times I seem to have evolved to 2.0 who enjoys similar things. She likes to catch Lion making a mistake. A quick little, “Uh oh” or “Ha ha” and she knows she can break out a paddle for some swats. But when it’s just me, not even 1.0, after all these years I still don’t get it. I mean, I’m not stupid. I understand there’s a connection between pain and pleasure. I’ve had sex that hurt, but at the same time it felt so good I didn’t want it to stop. But no one was pinching my nipples or swatting my butt.

So when I read a blog that talks about doling out a severe spanking and caning, then diapering, and humiliation shared with other people, I really think I’m missing the boat. Granted, the story was sold as semi-fiction. Perhaps the pictures included had been Photo Shopped. And Lion asks what I think of it. Well, “just me” thinks it’s all too much. Why spanking and caning and diapering and humiliation? And why share this with other people? I know the blogger likes to embellish to turn people on. I am not one of those people. 1.0 still thinks it’s too much. 2.0 may have been reaching for a paddle in the beginning of the story, but quickly put it down once the caning started. And that’s okay. I don’t have to like it, in any of my alter egos.

I think what the post did was make me feel like a prude. That’s an odd thing to say given all the things I’ve done to Lion. I just can’t imagine giving Lion such a severe spanking that he bruises instantly. I can’t imagine wanting to punish him that much. And what could he possible do that would make me want to cane him after a severe spanking? I can imagine diapers as punishment. Certainly not after a spanking/caning with open wounds on his skin. And I would not make him use the diaper solely. I think I would find it humiliating to clean up a messy, pooed diaper. Maybe, just maybe, I could be persuaded to change a peed diaper.

But the biggest thing that has me feeling like a prude is involving other people. I don’t care if it was someone we met at Kinkfest or some other meeting like that, and they were like-minded, I would not want anyone involved in our sex life. Yes, I am aware I’ve rallied for a threesome with another man before, but 1) that was a fantasy in my younger days, and 2) Lion really, really hates the idea. There is just no way I’d ask a neighbor, a friend, a relative, or a stranger to come into our home and watch me spank Lion. Or worse yet, participate in spanking Lion. Nope. Not happening.

In the end, that was my answer to Lion. It’s all too much.


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    I can just imagine presenting that blog post (very hot to me!) and saying “Can you do this to me?”. She would give me the same answer, nope. I would love to be humiliated by being punished in front of her female friend or (gasp) sister. I would not even tell my wife that I find that exciting.
    She also does not have any interest in reading other people’s blogs. She is actually very creative and imaginative and surprises me sometimes with the things she comes up with to do to me, but she does not feel any need to learn about what others are doing, much to my disappointment.

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