No Legally Binding Decisions

Lion had his second surgery today. We’re both hoping this will be the last one. He has another stent with a string on it. On Monday, he’ll be able to pull the string to remove the stent. Not a very exciting proposition, but better than having to trek to a doctor’s office to have it done. As you can imagine, he’s in a lot of pain again. You can’t just go poking around his favorite body part without some discomfort.

When I went back to recovery to spring him, the nurse had me sign paperwork as the “responsible party”. Yikes! I’m the responsible one? How did that happen? Since Lion may still be under the effects of the general anesthesia, there are a few guidelines. He cannot drive a car. Well, he was having trouble standing without wobbling, so that makes perfect sense. He shouldn’t drink alcohol. But what if it makes him wobble the other way, thus cancelling out the anesthesia wobble? There were a few more, but the one that made me chuckle inside was that he shouldn’t make any legally binding  decisions today. Damn it! I was going to have him write a will leaving everything to the dog and completely cut me off.

The funniest part about it is that he needs prescriptions filled. At first he said he wanted to go home. Then he said he’d be fine to go to the pharmacy. Then he wanted to stop for lunch. Then he wanted to go home. He asked if we could have bagels but he didn’t want an onion one. Then he wanted an onion one. No wonder he shouldn’t make legal decisions! He can’t even figure out what he wants to eat or where we should go first. It’s definitely best if he stays in bed.

I’m not sure how long he’ll be out of commission this time around. I assume his pain level and mood will improve dramatically once the stent is out. But to get that stent out, he better make sure he takes the max dose of pain killers. It will not be fun. I’m sure his roar will be heard for miles around.


  1. Author

    Poor lion I hope he gets well soon .Don’t pull on his string like your starting a chainsaw it might make him jump a bit

  2. Author

    I cringe when I think of Monday. Hopefully Lion will get that stent out easily and with a minimum of pain.

    1. Author

      Thanks. I’m not looking forward to pulling that string.

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