No Orgasm

Lion is wild again. When he thought he was going to work today he asked to be wild to make things easier. He’s still not feeling well so I agreed. Then he decided he wasn’t going in again. I warned him that he’s still not allowed to play with my weenie.

Lion has a cough and I think it’s related to the anesthesia. I think it irritated his lungs and the more he coughs the more irritated they become. He’s still taking a lot of mini naps throughout the day and evening. And then he wakes up wanting attention. It takes so little to get him excited.

I remember the surgeon saying no sex until the stent is out. Lion is convinced the area the stent is in has nothing to do with the “sex area”. While it’s true the “sex area” is physically removed from the ureter, the doctor still said no sex. I think edging is pushing things a bit but I won’t give Lion an orgasm until the stent is out. No matter how much he whines.

For the record, he hasn’t been whining. He’s been giving me pouty faces and reminding me how horny he is and how many days it’s been since his last orgasm. That’s fine, but I am under doctor’s orders not to give him any sex. I’ll probably never see this doctor again but if Lion goes in to have the stent removed and the doctor asks why the stent is now in his navel, it won’t be from me giving him an orgasm. Sorry, my pet.