Sleeping and Eating

I wish I could say Lion slept better last night but that wasn’t the case. And when Lion doesn’t sleep well, I usually don’t either. We were both up and down all night.

This morning Lion made breakfast. He probably shouldn’t have since carrying the tray full of food into the bedroom was difficult for him. He was in the process of dropping the tray as he told me I was in the way “sprawled across the bed”. My legs were nowhere near where he was heading and I was halfway up to help him with the tray when he said it. I hope it was the anesthesia or pain medication talking. He said he wanted to do something for me since I’ve been doing everything lately. That is a nice sentiment, but he still needs to rest. He’s insisting he can go with me to the store to get some prescriptions filled this afternoon. I’m pretty sure he’ll make it as far as the parking lot and need to stay in the car while I get them. I’d much rather have him home where he can have his mini naps in the warmth and comfort of the bed, but sometimes there’s no arguing with a Lion.

Last night he wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate not being dead. He couldn’t tell me what he wanted to eat and, since he was only an hour out of surgery, he didn’t think he could sit up in a restaurant for very long anyway. I suggested we wait until tonight. With his mini naps today, I’m not positive we’ll make it out tonight either. We’ll see how he feels later. These past few weeks of injury and illness have taken a lot out of both of us. By last night I was exhausted. I’m not sure how either one of us are functioning right now.

He does seem to be in less pain now. The stent is causing some burning when he pees but that’s normal. He’s eating more than he has in a week. I’m glad his appetite is back. I know he was nauseous but he needed to eat something or he would have just gotten weaker as we waited for the stone to pass. From the way the surgeon talked about the proceedure, it was too big to pass on its own.  But as Lion eats he’s regaining strength and flushing the anesthesia out. The stent will come out sometime midweek and he won’t be in any pain at all.

Hopefully by next weekend he can be in the good kind of pain again. No pressure. I’d just like things to calm down around here.