red underpants
These are the red underpants I selected. Mrs. Lion now requires that all my underwear is red. Style is up to me

I’m feeling much better. Last night I decided to remove the stent going from my kidney to my bladder. The surgeon left a string dangling from the end of my penis for just this purpose. I was very nervous. Both of us were concerned. I slowly pulled the string. I could feel resistance inside me. After over two feet of the blue surgical thread, the white rubber stent appeared. It was about twenty inches long. It didn’t hurt much going out. As soon as it was completely clear of my penis, I felt much better. That stent was responsible for the pain I have been feeling.  I’m sure it will be days before all is completely well, but at least I don’t need powerful drugs for the pain.

All weekend I was going though underpants like crazy. One of my meds turned my urine orange. I wore underpants to avoid staining the sheets with any drips. I didn’t want to stain my day-to-day underpants. I have a collection of underpants I bought to try out different brands and styles. They all got called into service over the weekend. With my recent weight loss and overall unhappiness with the underwear I have, I decided to go for a more classic brief. I asked Mrs. Lion if she has a preference for what I wear.

She said, “Red.”


“Yes, I like red.”

“You want all my my underpants to be red?”

She sighed. “Yes, Red.”

Without another word I found the style I want on the “Obviously” web site and ordered nine pairs in red. This is the first time Mrs Lion has shown any preference for what I wear or don’t wear. It will take two or three weeks for the underpants to get here from China where they are made. She said there’s no rush.

This is a big deal to me because it’s another way she’s exercising control. It may seem a bit “fetishy” to some. Perhaps it is. I see it as something she has changed in my every day life just because she says so. She knows that red is my favorite color and that I tend to wear muted colors. Not many people will see my brightly colored butt.

I like this because it is consistent. The only undies in my drawer will be an approved (by Mrs. Lion) shade of red. It’s similar to other wives replacing all their husband’s underpants with women’s panties. It is a constant reminder of her power. Mrs. Lion knows that I really like “no exception” rules. I like this new one.




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    I sell these on eBay and they are awesome. Most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. I became a dealer so I could buy them wholesale!
    Curious that you are able to get these in red as color was discontinued a few years ago. If you find them buy them up. If you want a silkier feel, buy in modal fabric.

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