The other day, Mrs. Lion mentioned that in a relationship that features my training, she seems to be making all the changes. She has to learn to monitor my behavior and punish me as needed. It’s been a very challenging task for her. On the other hand, I don’t seem to have any requirements to change at all. At least it appears that way.

It’s an interesting observation. I think it is a new way to look at exactly what is happening as we adopt domestic discipline and FLR. There’s no question that she has to completely change some of the ways she deals with me. She acknowledges that this retraining is valuable in other areas in her life. She’s not sure she wants to use this ability outside our marriage. That’s fair. She’s been doing a great job learning to be a disciplining wife.

Is my only job to do what I am told and expose my butt for spanking? Of course not. I have to learn obedience without being convinced to do what I am being told. That’s a big deal. I don’t have to agree. My agreement isn’t even considered. That’s hard for me. Very hard for me. It it were easier, I would see less of Mrs. Lion’s paddle.

The fact is that we have to make big changes. Neither of us is exempt. The penalty for my failures are obvious and painful. The ones for Mrs. Lion’s slips are subtle and may even hurt more than mine. I am being held to her standards. She is judging herself. She is much harsher on herself than she has ever been on me. I think she is also worried that I will get angry and leave if she pushes too hard. Whenever she talks about disciplining me, she always says if I get too upset she will stop.

An obvious change I have to make is never to allow her authority or discipline upset me in a relationship-threatening way. Fact is, I would never consider leaving. I asked her to help me with this. I asked that she treat any lion temper as toddler behavior. It may be scary to do, but expressions of temper warrant immediate correction.

We both need a lot of practice. I am not obedient by nature, but I can be trained. She is forgiving and mellow by nature. She has to learn to become strict enough to effectively train and manage me. We both agree with this goal. We both hit emotional bumps along the way to success.

We keep it up because there are real benefits for us. There is one other reason as well: We love each other so much that we will do anything to make the other happy.

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    You so obviously want her to do what she’s doing and how she’s doing it, she should take comfort in that.

    In general, for the wives, as things get more severe, I can see where they’d be concerned about pushing you so far that you get really upset and leave, Based on my questions and your answers, I’d say there’s zero probability of that.

    That being said, some wives impose this on their husbands and seem particularly mean spirited. They also do this as a complete “my way or the highway” approach when it comes to the frequency, merits, and severity of the discipline. I could see where a guy might have to leave that sort of woman for one who is more willing to meet his needs.

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