She Put Her Paw Down

Mrs. Lion growled at me on Sunday. Yup, a real growl. I don’t remember the last time she did that. Perhaps it was the first time in our relationship. I was getting upset with the growing mountain of recycling waste stacking up near our front door. I told Mrs. Lion that I would go take care of it. She said she would do it. I started to get dressed anyway. She stood at the entry of our dressing room and told me that I would not go out. She would do it. Her tone was a new one for me. I stopped getting my clothes and meekly returned to bed.

How about that?

I congratulated her for putting her paw down. No, I wasn’t testing her. I might have been a bit of a toddler, but I was prepared to deal with the mess that was bothering me. Mrs. Lion is a very easy-going mate. I know that I have been the major force driving our female led relationship. She’s been wonderful, but I know that it doesn’t yet come completely from her.

That’s reasonable. I truly never expected her to turn into a merciless dominatrix who would beat me into submission. I just wanted her to assure that I behaved in ways that please her and that she train me to be cheerfully obedient. I never had a movie in my head she was supposed to act in.

Sunday the lioness asserted herself. I was smart enough not to argue. At this point in our FLR, I have to be very careful to support my fledgling, dominant wife. She’s still doing all this stuff because it’s what I want. I don’t think she’s discovered any particular value for herself. In fact, it’s probably a burden for her. She really prefers to avoid any confrontation and I suspect that she rationalizes punishing me by remembering she is doing it at my request.

Even when she takes full ownership of her power, she will still be punishing me because it is for me. She is helping me become better. Very recently she added a rule of her own creation to stop me from doing something she dislikes: when I turn the conversation around to be about me. The next logical step is to punish me when I do something she doesn’t like and explain the new rule while she bruises my butt.

That doesn’t change things very much though it may seem like a big step. The only real change is that my vote isn’t required for me to get into trouble. I still believe that telling me of a new issue that will be punished if repeated is fine too. Mrs. Lion likes to think things over before taking action.

Her Sunday growl is an instant reaction to something I did that bothered her. She didn’t take time to consider if she might be wrong. She just put her paw down. Had I been feeling better, it might have been more than her paw. I was being a toddler. She did exactly the right thing. Thank you, Mrs. Lion.

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    Great post Lion…I had a similar experience where my wife took control for the first time since we started our FLR reminding me during a disagreement, “I’m in charge” and then “If you don’t stop you’re going to be in trouble” Whoh! I know this does not come naturally for her either but when she just sits there after breakfast and doesn’t lift a finger to help telling our daughter, “Dad likes to clean up” it’s a pretty unbelievable feeling.

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