Lion and I lounged around the house, snoozing most of the weekend away. I know why he was wiped out. I’m not sure why I was. I guess with all the stress last week, I had no choice but to crash. We ventured out Saturday night for dinner, but other than that we were home doing nothing.

At some point in the afternoon, Lion ventured out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. I hadn’t taken out several cardboard boxes that arrived in the past week. Despite the look of his office, Lion doesn’t like clutter. He said he’d get dressed and take the boxes to the recycling bin. I told him I’d do it when I got out of the bathroom. When I walked into the bedroom, he had his clothes in his hands. I repeated that I was going to take the boxes out. He started to say he would do it, but I cut him off. I told him to put his clothes back because I was going to do it. He only hesitated a second before he put his clothes away.

As we were falling asleep last night (Lion loves to chat when we’re falling asleep), he said I growled at him. For the first time ever, I growled at him. Did I? I was only doing what he wanted me to do. He said he wasn’t complaining. If anything, he was proud of me for doing it. He said I’m making great progress finding my voice. I never know what to say to him other than “okay”. Even if I wasn’t on the verge of sleep, I don’t know what to say. Good? Yippee? What’s the “correct” response? Anyway, he’s happy I growled. I’m happy he listened. I guess it’s a win for both of us.

Lion also thinks he’s ready for the rules to be un-suspended. He’s not in so much pain. He thinks he can handle a spanking if it’s needed. Of course, he also thinks I can hit him harder than I have been. I guess that’s a good reason to start working out because I think I’ve been hitting as hard as I can. And he wants me to use a tawse because it delivers a meaner sensation than a paddle. I’m comfortable with a paddle. I know where it’s going to land. A tawse is an entirely different animal. Too much flex. Too many variables. That’s why I don’t really like floggers and canes. But I guess I’ll learn to use the tawse.

I was perfectly willing to keep the rules suspended until after Lion’s second surgery on Friday. I have no doubt he’ll be in pain again and won’t be able to follow all the rules. I guess it does no harm to reinstate the rules for a few days and suspend them again. He will, however, remain wild this week and probably part of next week until he heals completely.

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