Lion and I aren’t doing anything for Valentine’s day. We are each other’s present every day. We don’t need candy. Flowers die. We eat out quite a bit. We buy each other things all the time. Maybe we’ll get each other cards. Maybe not. We always tell each other the schmaltzy stuff it says in cards anyway. We are sickeningly sweet all on our own. I was in the store last night and it was packed with people who apparently left shopping till the last minute. I did buy Lion jelly donuts for breakfast. Does that count? It did for Lion.

On Friday, Lion goes back in for the stent removal. He’s still in some pain because of it. However, last night he decided he was more horny than in pain. He wanted to snuggle. In my snuggle position, I had one hand on his leg and the other on his chest. He started purring no matter which hand I moved. When I moved the hand that was on his leg, he scooched over hoping that he could persuade my hand to touch Mr. Weenie. At first I was avoiding that. He called me a tease. Well, yeah!

Eventually I touched Mr. Weenie and he shot up like a rocket. Very tall and hard. He wanted some love. Lion read somewhere that sex with a stent in is possible, but I was still worried. If he’s in pain when nothing is going on, how much pain will he be in when my weenie is straining to come? If you ask him, he’ll probably say the pleasure far outweighs the pain. That may be true, but I was just taking him out for a test drive. I didn’t really want to edge him anyway. I wanted to make sure the hydraulics still worked. They do!

It’s been a long time since Lion has been edged. For most of that time he couldn’t care less about sex. He was in too much pain. How do you know when Lion is sick? He doesn’t think about sex. That’s not entirely true. He was still thinking about it. He just didn’t want it. He was still plotting how to get me to take more control. He was still buying toys and looking at other ones. He was still reading blogs.

I’m fairly certain Lion will get some action tonight. Will it be all the way to the edge? I don’t know. Will it be a full orgasm? I don’t know. Probably not. Personally, I think he should wait until he healed from the second surgery before he gets his next orgasm. How long a wait will that be? I’m sure Lion will have that figured out to the millisecond.