Sexual Leverage

A lever is a simple tool that amplifies the force applied to it. Using a lever, it is possible to lift a weight that you could never lift without it. There are also financial levers where you can vastly increase profit by increasing risk proportionately. You can reduce the time it takes to complete a task by dividing it among a group of people. That’s another form of leverage. Essentially, a lever reduces the input needed to get a desired output.

This principle is a key part of enforced chastity. The simple act of locking a chastity device on a penis provides long term occupation of the locked penis. I’ll explain. The male wants his keyholder to control him sexually. One way to do that would be to continuously supervise what his penis is doing. This could include keeping him under observation, asking him for detailed sexual status reports, or “testing” him with teasing to assure he is appropriately horny. All those activities take time.

If, on the other hand, you lock his penis in a chastity device, you need not monitor his activity. He is physically prevented from sexual arousal or orgasm. Sexual leverage. Over time he will be conditioned to only expect sexual arousal from you, whether he is locked or not. What’s more, within reason, he will love what you are doing.

There’s a dark side to sexual leverage. It can be a way to avoid providing any direct sexual pleasure while still assuring his fidelity. Some women who aren’t particularly fond of a penis, can use enforced chastity as a way of eliminating contact with one.

They can have the male lock himself in the device and then give her the key. When she decides it’s time for him to ejaculate, she can give him the key and let him jerk off. Then, she can have him lock up again. She’s managed to keep him sexually occupied without any need to even approach his cock. She can even have him service her with his mouth and hands, all the time being locked in the chastity device; the ultimate in sexual leverage.

This works well for some couples. In some cases, it’s accepted by the male because it provides him with sex that involves her on some level. It can even be an attractive choice when it is between a sexless marriage and remote control enforced chastity.

Granted, that’s an extreme example that conveys the essence of sexual leverage. In our case, Mrs. Lion certainly exercises some sexual leverage. She has to. The biggest problem with a 24/7 power exchange is the extra burden managing it puts on the dominant partner. This extra burden ends a great many of these relationships.

Enforced chastity offers the ability to manage the effort needed to sustain the power exchange. It’s possible to work out a good balance between vanilla life and the chastity kink. In our case, Mrs. Lion allows me to put the cock and ball ring on, then she locks the cage in place. She also unlocks and removes the cage and lets me work the ring off. She is always directly involved in the lock/unlock process.

Every day or so, she unlocks me and edges me. When I am due for an orgasm, she provides one. While I am locked, she enjoys getting regular lion “weather reports” on my state of arousal. The enforced chastity portion of our power exchange is balanced with our lives. We both like the daily snuggle and tease sessions. Other than those rather short periods of sexual activity, we are a normal couple. The sexual leverage of the cage provides enough stimulation for me and prevents the power exchange from overwhelming her.

There it is: sexual leverage.

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    I guess I disagree with one thing–the cage doesn’t prevent sexual arousal–it prevents the male from doing anything about it. I’m totally in agreement otherwise.

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