Last night we used the Magic Wand for the first time in quite a while. The Lion weather report was steamy. I guess Lion is going through one of those incredibly, really, very horny periods. I don’t know if the ebb and flow dictates that his horniness will start to drop off until it’s almost nonexistent before swinging back again. We’ll just enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Speaking of rides, Lion made a comment the other day that he’s become accustomed to only having an orgasm while on his back and it might be a good idea to specifically train him that way. He’s mentioned it in the past too. I’m wondering why I would want to do that. It’s possible it’s already been trained into him at this point, but what if I wanted sex in a different position? Not that I do, yet. But if, in the future, my libido returns and I want him on top and I want him to have an orgasm while on top, he wouldn’t be able to. And that would mean the end of any anal activity unless I’m on top which seems uncomfortable and difficult. Nope. I don’t want to rule out any position for Lion orgasms. You never know when I’m going to want a break from being on top, positionally speaking.

OK. Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Sometimes I think Lion likes the Magic Wand more than my touch. He’ll swear he doesn’t, but he responds almost immediately to it. I think it’s the intensity of it. All that buzzing in one are is exciting. I can tell when I hit the good spots with it. He arches his back a little and moans. I imagine it’s similar to my movements when he hits a good spot with me. But I’m aware of my movements and what I say. Lion is just lost in the moment.

He never used to make any noise at all during sex. The only way I knew he was close was by his face. And his toes curl up. Now he makes wonderful noises. Moans and gasps. And I love when he starts bucking. All in all it’s a very satisfying experience for me. And him, of course. I don’t think Lion really cares if he makes sounds or bucks. He just wants an orgasm. But the sounds and bucking amuse me and isn’t that all that really matters?


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    Cowgirl anal is awesome. You guys rock.

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