Lion was on some good pain killers last night after his root canal. He’s usually better than any sitcom when he’s on pain killers. In the past he talked about trees being smart, and the fact that he was where the police thought he should be. This time, different drug, similar effect except he was coherent. He just wouldn’t shut up. He went on and on about diapers and how it was the right idea for us and he’d been thinking about it for days. Apparently. And all that thinking came spilling out all at once. Every once in a while he’d stop, cock his head to one side slightly, and stare at me with an almost imperceptible smile. And then he was off and running again.

Let me back up a bit. Lion had written his post for this morning by yesterday morning. He really had been thinking about diapers for days. I thought it was limited to diapers turning him on although he had mentioned it as a way to exert power. When I read his post I said I’d have to think about it being a full time thing. Why would I want him in a diaper full time? Why would I want to be the one changing it? I no sooner hit send on the email when I got an email back that he had ordered diapers like baby diapers so I could change him and he also ordered wipes. OK. So much for thinking about this. I guess we’re going full speed. He asked if he should wear a diaper to the dentist. I said, “I guess.” Did I have much of a choice? The train was already off the rails and I’m sitting at work, trying to undo things that people had done incorrectly, with three people around my desk and I’m supposed to decide if he should wear diapers to the dentist. Then I get an email that says he cheated by using the bathroom at the dentist instead of peeing in the diaper. I didn’t want to tell him it wasn’t really cheating since I hadn’t had a chance to think about, much less decide, his wearing diapers full time.

It wasn’t really any shock that he already ordered new diapers and wipes. It’s what Lion does. Full speed ahead. And it wasn’t really a shock that his drug-induced babbling was about diapers and his desire for me to take more charge of everything from his bodily functions to how I’m treated at work. I think he was a little disappointed when I told him he could take the diaper off last night. I’d rather think about the ramifications of things before I make a decision. Not that we can’t change our minds about it at a later date, but I’d just like to have an idea of what I’m getting myself into.

This morning, Lion asked if I like the look of him in the cage. When I answered that I like him both in and out of the cage, I guess that wasn’t the right answer because he made a face and said something about the topic being off the table. He’s trying to get me to commit to things. What can I do? I like him caged and uncaged. I like him furry or hairless. The only commitment I can make is that I like seeing his bare butt and I like seeing his balls hanging when he bends over. I guess both of those go away if he wears diapers full time. See? This is why I need to consider all aspects of things.


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    I can only smile at this. Have fun!

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    Take Charge and Punish lion for “TOPPING-FROM-THE-BOTTOM”!!!!

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